5 Apps to Keep Your Business Organised

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In the modern business world, networking is as much a part of the working day as anything else. Finding the time to keep track of contacts, deals and meetings can be a real headache for the busy businessperson, but thankfully there are a few apps that can really help with getting your business organised. Here are five of the best to get your started:

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1. Evernote

This nifty little piece of software allows the user to make notes on pretty much any device at any time, and then seamlessly synchronises the various sources of information as soon as it is able. That means a diary entry you made on your smartphone will be there on your laptop when you get home, and that contacts name you jotted down on your iPad at the meeting has already made it’s way onto your Kindle Fire.

2. Remember the milk

A great app for people with short term memory issues, or anyone who is just too busy to remember the little things, Remember the Milk provides users with an interactive to-do list that goes everywhere with them. Endlessly customisable, users will be able to tailor this app to monitor everything from chores at home to shopping lists, project milestones and even family appointments.

 3. CardMunch

Brought to you by professional networking platform LinkedIn, this handy app lets you bin all of those troublesome business cards you collect at meetings and events without the hassle of manually entering all the details into your address book. The scan and save facility lets you scan your collection of cards and the clever software automatically dumps the information into your address book. If your new contact is on LinkedIn, CardMunch will let you connect to them instantly, giving you both an easier way to stay in touch in future.

4. Asana

As project management apps go, this is one of the best. For projects involving multiple workers in particular, Asana can be invaluable. Workers can update activities, schedule meetings and track other workers activities, making it easier to stay on top of targets and milestones for the project. Because it synchronises with mobile devices, it is also a great tool for project workers on the go.

5. Google Calendar

An oldie but a goody, Google Calendar is top of the pops for diarising meetings on the go. You never know when you will bump into that key person you’ve been trying to get in front of all year, and with Google Calendar you will easily be able to schedule your meeting as well as invite any other key people you think should attend. Not only that, but because the app integrates perfectly with Google Docs, you can even send out the agenda and follow up with the minutes to all the invited attendees at the click of a button.

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