5 Awesome iPhone Apps for Teenage Boys

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Smartphones appeal to people of all ages, especially teenagers. Whether you want to listen to your favorite bands or play a few games, your iPhone is probably by your side at all times. However, if you’re a new iPhone owner, there are some awesome apps you need to know about. Here are just five awesome iPhone apps for teenage boys.

iPhone Apps for Teenage Boys

Pandora Radio by Pandora Media, Inc – FREE

Pandora is a must of any teenage boy’s iPhone. Whether you love alternative or country music, this is a must. Just imagine hanging with your girl and being able to turn on some romantic tunes to set the mood. Best of all, Pandora is free. This means you can rock out to Maroon 5, Nickelback and all your other favorites without having to lay down the cash.

Angry Birds by Clickgamer.com – $0.99

Angry Birds is one of the hottest smartphone games on the market. There are several great versions to play, but if you’ve never tried the classic, you should. This game will keep you addicted for hours and is a great way to kill time during a boring class.

Band Name Generator by Mad Calf Apps – FREE

If you want to rock out with your friends and need an awesome band name, this is an awesome app. The Band Name Generator app by Mad Calf Apps is a humorous approach to band names, but actually comes up with some pretty awesome names. Plus, it’s free. So, what do you have to lose?

Netflix by Netflix, Inc – FREE

No iPhone would be complete without the Netflix app. If you, or your family, has a Netflix account with instant streaming, you can enjoy thousands of movies on your iPhone. This is such an awesome app and allows you to watch your favorite movies from anywhere.

GameFly by GameFly – FREE

Chances are your life is filled with video games. If you’re a GameFly user, you need this app. The GameFly app is such an excellent app to use when out shopping at game stores. Instead of throwing down $60 on a game you’re not sure about, you can quickly add it to your GameFly queue. You can also use the app to learn about new games and to search for games.

There are thousands of awesome iPhone apps. Whether you want to watch movies or listen to music, you can enjoy hours of entertainment on your smartphone. Best of all, many of these apps are free, which means you have nothing to lose by trying them.

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Raphael Millage loves to work on both iPhone and Android development. He enjoys creating games and organizational apps that appeal to the teenage audience.

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