5 Best iPad Strategy Games of 2013

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We have listed 5 of the best iPad strategy games of 2013 for those players who like to think to be victorious. These titles are not your run-of-the-mill puzzlers as it needs you to carefully plan to get the win. You will love these games as all have plenty of replay value. Strategy fans, what are you waiting for? Head on to the App Store and download these now.

5 Best iPad Strategy Games of 2013


5. Rymdkapsel


Grapefrukt’s real-time strategy game was released for iOS on August 1, 2013. This minimalist and meditative game is set in space where your mission is to create the finest space station. To achieve that, you have to command your minions to build the structures and explore the galaxy that surrounds you. Rymdkapsel, which means space capsule in Swedish, seems a perfect fit for the iPad. It is a super addictive game that was intricately designed by the programmer, Martin Jonasson, and its soundtrack will put you under a spell thanks to its composer, Niklas Ström. Though the game may feel short, I think it’s a unique title that will engage you right from the start. It puts a refreshing take on the RTS genre. Rymdkapsel is an indie classic.

4. Kingdom Rush: Frontiers


Ironhide Game Studio’s sequel to Kingdom Rush was launched last June 6, 2013. It’s one of the better, if not the best, tower defense games for iOS. The developer expands on the original and your job is to keep the kingdom free from trouble. While there’s not a whole lot of difference from the first installment, and you may feel it’s just like an expansion pack, there’s still plenty of content to delve into here. It’s a deep, well-polished game that will entertain you for hours. Thanks to its variety, you wouldn’t feel a sense of repetitiveness which often is the case for TD games. Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is a must-have for strategy fans. Add this to your collection now.rotnRTS genre re  RTS genre that  start. Its a s minion

3. Lords of Waterdeep

Lords of Waterdeep Header

Playdek (developer) and Wizards of the Coast (publisher) have made available in the App Store this Dungeons & Dragons themed board game on November 21, 2013.  This German-style board game designed by Rodney Thompson and Peter Lee is set in a fictional city named Waterdeep. You take on the position of a ruler where you need to hire adventurers and deploy agents to finish of missions and grow your authority over the capital. It is a well-polished board game port that strategy enthusiasts will relish either in solo or multiplayer game modes. The playing area also seems less busy as compared to their previous games which works just fine on a smartphone. Lastly, I like the user interface, challenging AI, and a bit of multimedia adjustments that enhances the gameplay experience.

2. Skulls of the Shogun


17-BIT’s tactical game is inspired by Advance Wars. It boasts a turn-based combat system featuring undead samurai. As you enter the Samurai Life after Death, team up with other undead warriors, mysterious monks, and powerful samurai generals. The gameplay is challenging and has ample amount of content. You can either play solo or satisfy your multiplayer urge from a number of maps available. Though you may have a hard time differentiating units on the screen, Skulls of the Shogun is a fast-paced strategy game that is coupled with sense of humor.  Strategy fans shouldn’t pass up this one of the top iPad strategy games of 2013.

1. XCOM: Enemy Unknown


Firaxis Games, as developer, and 2K Games, as publisher, worked on an amazing turn-based game in XCOM: Enemy Unknown which was ported to iOS in June 2013. In this tactical role-playing game, players manage a paramilitary group whose task is to defend Earth from an alien invasion. Gamers take control of troops in a series of missions. You will also give directions on R&D of new tech, spread out your base, handle finances, check and take action with regards to any alien activity. The developer has maximized the use of the iPad especially with the touch-screen controls of the game. This title will put the console vs. mobile debate alive as some may argue that it plays better on mobile, thanks to the intuitive touch screen control scheme that seems a perfect fit for the kind of gameplay it offers. The difficulty is very high, there’s plenty of replay value, sheer addictiveness, and enormous content. Even without a multiplayer game mode, this fantastic sci-fi strategy is a must-have – hands down – as it tops our list of the best iPad strategy games of 2013.

What do you think of our roundup of the top iPad strategy games of 2013? Did we miss your favorite? If so, let us know in the comments section below.

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