5 IPad Apps for People with Contact Lenses

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For most people, apps have become an essential part of life.  They help people schedule doctors’ appointments, check the status of flights and see what the weather is (without going outside).  Many people who wear contact lenses, however, are unaware that there are several apps for contact wearer.  Here are the top 5 iPad apps for people who wear contacts.

5 IPad Apps for People with Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Tracker ($0.99)

Contact Lens Tracker is a simple, but efficient, app.  It helps people keep track of how many days they have used a specific pair of contacts.  Using contact lenses beyond their prescribed limit can cause vision problems.  With this app, people will know precisely how many days a pair of contact lenses has been used, and how many more they can be safely used.  Users can also enter the expiration date of their contact lenses, but contacts usually have expiration dates in the distant future.

There are actually several apps that remind people to change their contact lenses.  Contact Lens Reminder ($0.99) is similar to Contact Lens Tracker.  Lens Tracker (Free) is less visually appealing, but it serves the same function and is free.

Amazing Sharingan -The Amazing Color Contact Lenses ($0.99)

Amazing Sharingan gives users the power to change their eyes in photos.  With this app, people can place colored contact lenses over their eyes and create a whole new headshot of themselves.  This app comes with crazy-looking contact lenses from Japanese cartoon characters.

Vision Test (Free)

Vision Test, by 3-Sided Cube, is a free app that has a basic vision test.  The app actually contains several tests, which are easy to use.  These are not a substitute for having an evaluation completed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist, but they can help people see if their eyesight has deteriorated.

LUMA Eye (Free)

LUMA Eye is designed to be used in doctors’ offices, primarily in their waiting rooms.  However, anyone can download for free and watch the informative videos.  LUMA Eye helps patients understand vision problems and their treatments.  It shares the information in multimedia formats, through video (with closed captioning) and vision simulation.

Eye Care++

Eye Care++ can be used by anyone, regardless of whether they wear contacts.  It helps people keep their eyes healthy through natural exercises.  Eyes can benefit greatly from regular periods of rest and short exercises.  Eye Care++ helps with both.  It reminds people when it is time to rest their eyes and will plot how must demand has been placed on one’s eyes in the past two weeks.  Furthermore, it can lead people through a 60-second exercise routine for their eyes.  This app also has tips and general information for eye care.

There are apps for almost everything, including vision and eyesight.  For contact lens wearers, these are some of the best apps available.  They can help people keep track of their contact lenses, test their vision, understand their eyes and care for their eyes.

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Jamie Lechler writes for EZ Contacts USA, which sells both sunglasses and contact lensesDr. Oz has more information about taking care of one’s eye. 

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