5 iPhone TO-DO List Managers to Monitor Your Health

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Gadgets like the iPhone make our lives easier.  Among its best features include the different applications or “apps” that may be downloaded and installed for practical use. Developers constantly deliver these apps to make everyday activities easier with a click of the button.

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There are, in fact, a number of medical, health and fitness apps for monitoring and management available for the iPhone. With these, you can always keep your health on the check and balance.

Below are some of the most useful health management applications you should consider getting:

  • Medical Encyclopedia contains thousands of pages that users can look up to for descriptions and symptoms of any illness. The University of Maryland developed this application and it’s easy to navigate around it, with categories like symptoms, tests, injury, diseases, nutrition and special topics. The apps also hosts youtube videos of medical and health topics. This application is free to use.
  • Everday Health is similar to Medical Encyclopedia in that it also is a useful reference of different health conditions. The sections are divided into categories filled with answers and daily tips from doctors or pharmacists. There’s also a section called “What Would Mom Say” that contains home remedies for usual health problems. It’s free to use.
  • My Medical is perfect for people who make it a habit to keep all medical records of the family intact, such as the children’s vaccination or dental history. You can also use this to store all of your doctors’ contact and relevant information, as well as file doctors appointments in its calendar. The application is not for free, however. But the price for its one time purchase is very affordable at $2.99.
  • MyFitnessPal’s Calorie & Diet Tracker would be really helpful to those who watch what they are eating or those who want to actively pursue losing (or gaining) weight.  This app offers nutritional facts of any type of food you eat. You can login and input the meals you’ve had for the day and the counter will keep track of this. You have to provide the app with your goals for losing and gaining weight, so that it can compare this with how you’ve been eating daily. You can also invite a friend to share this app with you so that you can monitor your progress together.
  • Glucose Buddy for iOs users is a helpful tool in managing and dealing with diabetes. This application has a nice feature and design, which makes it easy to input glucose and insulin data, as well as food consumption and other activities that the diabetic need to monitor. It’s another free application that has been ranked as #1 among its users. It also comes highly recommended by the American Diabetics Association.

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