5 Resources for Developing an iPad App for Your Company

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For iPad owners, apps are a great way to pass the time, save time, and organize their lives. iPad app developers often scramble to find ways to come up with games and tools that will become hits.


For businesses, a commercially successful iPad app can be a great way to get the word out about your business, while having fun. But those new to app development may be unfamiliar with the process. Here are a few tools that may be helpful for businesses interested in developing an iPad app.

  • Apple Developer Site—Apple provides tools, videos, and how-to guides on creating and submitting apps for the App Store. This is a great place to start, since much of the information found here is free. To begin submitting and developing apps, however, you’ll need to join the iOS Developer Program, which costs $99 per year.
  • YouTube—Many people are unaware of the number of free training videos available on the world’s most popular video streaming site. YouTube video tutorials are generally posted by developers for developers, giving them a community-like feel. Whether you’re trying to learn to develop an iPad app from scratch or simply looking for help with a certain item that has you stuck, there’s likely an iPad video to walk you through it.
  • Lynda.com—While this site isn’t free, the price is minimal, especially when compared to the cost of a college course. The Apple section of Lynda.com has 170 videos, including courses specifically addressing iOS 4 and 5 that run four and six hours in length.
  • Stanford iTunes U—Stanford University students aren’t the only ones with access to great courses. Stanford’s iTunes U courses on iOS app development are often free. At the end of the course, students will have an app to show for their efforts.
  • Developer Forums—As you begin your journey as a iPad developer, other developers will become increasingly more helpful. Apple has forums for both iPhone and iPad development. Some other great resources are iPadForums.net, the MacRumors forum, and the iPhone SDK Development forum, which often has posts about iPad development issues.

Even with all these great online resources, don’t rule out old-fashioned methods like computer courses and books. Still, for many, being able to use a resource like Lynda.com is just as handy as being at a course in person, plus it brings the added convenience of working in your PJs.

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Stephanie Faris writes for Infragistics, a global provider of user interface tools for several application development platforms including Sharepoint.

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