5 Top Free iPad Apps as of August 17

Philip Garde August 22, 2011 0
5 Top Free iPad Apps as of August 17

Here are the best top free iPad apps of the week as of August 17, 2011. You can read below our quick reviews:

Let’s Golf 3

Let’s Golf 3 is a great free golf game that will truly kill your time. Graphics and gameplay is genuinely enjoyable. A deal this sweet comes with a catch. You only have a few unlocked holes to play and needs to shell out real money for more playable holes, or you can wait for your energy to replenish. If you are willing to spend a lot of moolah, then this game boasts of a really wonderful golfing experience on the iPad.

Google Catalogs

A great new way to browse Catalogs for various items and products with different categories to choose from, Women’s Fashion & Apparel, Men’s Fashion & Apparel, Jewelry, Beauty products, Home items, Kids & Baby, Gift ideas. You can share, favorite and even buy the item right on the app itself. It has a clean user interface without any other complicated settings. You can view the featured catalogs or go straight from your favorites. This application demonstrates how great technology can become. Beautiful application!

Fruit Dart

Fruit dart is a simple but very fun game. The concept is easy. You play as a darter and need to target the fruit for you to score points. Be careful not to hit the girl, or you will lose health and will eventually be game over if health reaches zero. The game becomes repetitive after a while, but for a free game, there is not much more to complain. Overall, it is still a solid game that you will enjoy.

123D Sculpt

123D Sculpt is an amazing application. Adjust everything to your liking and create your own 3d masterpiece of sculpture. It has a great tutorial at the start to guide you on a user friendly interface. The control is very easy and responsive. This application is perfect for 3d artists. The lone lacking option is the ability to export your work. Get this now as it is free for only a limited time.

Extreme Road Trip

Extreme road trip gives you the power to flip your car and perform stunts! Flip left and right and time a perfect landing for a boost of speed. The objective is simple, the longer the distance you last with your car, the higher the score. The daring you are the superior the reward you can get (speed boosts do not diminish your gas) but be careful though as your car crash the game will be over in an instant. This game got me hooked! A must have free game!

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