5 Top Free iPad Apps of the Week Ending August 7

Philip Garde August 11, 2011 0
5 Top Free iPad Apps of the Week Ending August 7

Here is our compilation of the best free iPad apps of the week ending August 7, 2011. Read our quick reviews below:

Skype for iPad

Skype finally arrives on the iPad! Forget the times 2 (x2) mode (using the iPhone app version). Everything is beautifully done. The user interface is nice and the full screen gives you a lot to work with in the app. You now have the ability to instant message and video call anyone from any part of the world by just using your iPad and the Skype application. How cool is that? Skype quickly became the number one free application in the iTunes App Store!

Editions by AOL

Editions by AOL is a unique magazine style iPad app that will truly suit your style and will adjust to your own liking. You have the option to connect to your Facebook account and other social networks for sharing and other features such as birthdays. A cool feature of this application is that you have the ability to edit your desired news articles from technology to sports and even pattern it to your taste. Enter your zip code to adjust the news magazine that will be delivered to you, the only drawback of this application is it is available only for US residents. This application has a bright future ahead, great concept!

StarTribune News App

For the Minnesotanatives, this application delivers the up-to-date news on different sections for your state, Sports, Top News, Lifestyle, Politics, Opinion, Nation, World, Arts and entertainment. The continuous trend of news applications that is connected on the iPad is growing tremendously and I am pretty sure that in a few years time everything will be taken over by that method. It has advertisements but does not obstruct your reading. Clean user interface.

Tekken Bowl

Play 10-pin bowling with the various Tekken characters. Graphics is awesome and the gameplay is very enjoyable. You can play as a single player or challenge your friend using the switching approach. It would be nice if there is a Bluetooth/WiFi option for multi-player. Overall, this game packs a whole lot of fun if played with a friend!

Millie Was Here (Book 1)

Millie Was Here is an interactive book for kids with great features. You have the option to choose whether the story will be read to you or not. A neat feature is the bedtime mode which dims the screen of your iPad 2. Great sound effects and the voice overs are very clear. Cute interactive book and it is fun as well. Read this book to your kid before they hit the sack and for sure they will truly enjoy their sleep. The book is short but full of interaction, if you want a prolonged adventure of Millie, I suggest you buy Book 2 which costs ($3.99).


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