5 Top Free iPad Apps of the Week Ending July 31

Philip Garde August 2, 2011 0
5 Top Free iPad Apps of the Week Ending July 31

Here is the top 5 best free iPad apps for the week ending July 31. You can find below our quick reviews on these applications.

Deadlock: Online

You can play online or offline with multiple game modes with this iPad app.  It is a third-person shooter game that is very fun playing alone or with friends. Choose your gear wisely, unlock various weapons using unlock points. I suggest you master the controls using offline mode before trying to play online. I tried it already online and it manages to connect to a game, sometimes it takes me back to the main menu without letting me finish the game but most of the time the network connection is a breeze. Very fun and entertaining!


This iPad application puts you in the space and beyond. Once you click on the app, you can view the instructions to navigate the application with ease. A very beautiful application complete with images and videos (requires internet connection for you to be able to view it). It has an amazing explanation that is very informative. You can also share something interesting while browsing through the application. Sharing is done via Facebook or Twitter.

Citibank for iPad

Want to check your Citibank account on your iPad? There’s an app for that – introducing the Citibank App for iPad. You can check your recent activities, manage your account and pay your bills (if you enrolled your Citibank account online). Citibank App for iPad portrays a whole new way of banking on the go.

RIO the Movie, Coloring with Blu

Before everything else, you must touch the blue lettered R B L and U for you to unlock the secret characters and backgrounds. This iPad app is a good coloring application for kids. It will encourage them to learn how to paint. You can select from two brushes and a ton of colors to choose from. It features over 12 characters that you will paint, along with 6 backgrounds (upon unlocking the secret letters). Save your finished product on your camera roll, you can even print it or share it via Facebook.

U.S. News Weekly

U.S. News Weekly is a news application that requires a subscription fee of $0.99 per month. You can have a trial for one issue and see if you like the application. Once you download the issue, you can open it and browse through all of its content. The free version has advertisements. User interface is average, and there is still room for improvements.  Beyond that, they deliver the news straight on your iPad. You can also adjust the font size to your own liking. If you don’t mind paying $0.99/month, then this is a good news application for you.

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