5 Top Paid iPad Apps of the Week Ending July 24

Philip Garde July 25, 2011 0
5 Top Paid iPad Apps of the Week Ending July 24

Here are our 5 top paid iPad apps of the week ending July 24, 2011. Sid Meier’s Pirates and Harry Potter are two of the best paid applications we like in the past 7 days.

Sid Meier’s Pirates ($6.99)

Oh Captain my Captain! The classic game Sid Meier’s Pirates is now available on your iPad! Locate hidden treasures, finish daunting tasks and bombard cities to complete your revenge. This game offers a way lot of things to do. Mini-games such as ship battles, sword fighting and dancing integrated all together to bring forth a celebrated and compelling open-ended nature. Excellent graphics, formidable gameplay, definitely, a must have for your iPad. I have not yet experienced any crashes as of date, playing on iPad 2.

Pocket RPG $2.99 (40% off)

One of the best Role-playing games in the AppStore. Eye-candy graphics merged with a tremendous gameplay! Three diverse characters to plump for. This is a remarkably challenging game that will genuinely eat up your time. Equip various looted items to reinforce your character. Controls could have been better, if not for the crashes this one would certainly be on my top five games for the iPad.

Comicbook $1.99

Make your own comics using your pictures. This app is a universal photo application that is currently number 1 in the US photography AppStore. Choose pictures from your camera roll or snap one out of the iPad 2’s camera. Select from the different comics layout, add different bubble captions template, pick pre-made sticker effects such as Pow!, Boom!, Oh No!, The End, and many others. You have the power to save your image to camera roll, mail it, print it, upload it to Facebook or Twitter. This is a very entertaining application.

Harry Potter Film Wizardry $12.99

This iPad app boasts of rich compilations of everything about Harry Potter, from the very first movie up to the farewell one. Take a trip down memory lane and see how everything started, from the various sets, photographs, stories, and events. See how the characters grow. Interactive application that is amazingly beautiful complete with embedded videos and other media, this is undeniably the most comprehensive Harry Potter experience on your iPad.

Jet Set Go $0.99 (On sale)

From the creators of Sally’s Spa comes a brand new spanking time management game. Jet Set Go is very much similar to diner dash but much better. You work as an employee on your own travel agency. Make sure that you satisfy your customers. Upgrade your facilities to earn various rewards and become one of the most appealing travel agencies.  Graphics are above average. Controls are easy to master. This game is very addictive and hard to put down, no crashes experienced on iPad 2.

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