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The iPad revolutionized the personal computer world and years ago the thought of a personal computer at these dimensions would be hard to believe. Perhaps the most intriguing development is how a device with so few tactile buttons can do so much. Now that the current models have the power and storage capacity to deal with intricate programs while incorporating angle of orientation and directional movement recognition capabilities, it’s amazing what we can do with them; play some really fun games!

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Firstly, some of the classic board games of our youth have been brought back to life for the whole family to enjoy. The Game Of Life, Monopoly, Risk and Scrabble are some of the most popular board games that have been digitalized and formatted for the iPad as an app. While many traditionalists may scoff at the idea of playing a board game without all it’s parts and pieces, the benefits are astounding. If we use the classic real estate game of Monopoly as an example, there are many reasons why it’s digital counterpart can be more enjoyable than it’s cardboard ancestor (and these reasons can be applied to all of these games).

Size does matter, and being able to transport the entire game on a device the size of an iPad is amazingly convenient for travelling and packing light. You don’t have to worry about loosing any of the parts; no using rocks as houses, or worrying about making new money to replace damaged or lost bills. Secondly it the digital format levels the playing field, and (bad news to your little brother) eliminates cheating and breaking of the rules, as the game designer’s program the rules into the game. Also gone are the days of arguing whether the dice were rolled fair or not.

However, all this fun is thanks to a device that needs to be protected, and at www.Puremobile.ca you can find all the protection and all the best ipad accessories you need. iPads are fairly durable, but passing one around between four people can get tricky if you’re not careful. A rigid case can alleviate any worries from accidental drops and a visor or shield will protect the screen from any scratches. There are stylus pens that allow you to delicately navigate around the screen, and extra battery options for those late night games when a power source isn’t available. By connecting your iPad to your T.V. with an additional cable, you can ensure that everyone participates in the game and can see the screen. While technological advancements can leave childhood memories in the dust, it’s good to know that a few accessories and an amazing piece of technology can conversely keep our childhood games alive.

Image courtesy of NASA Goddard Photo and Video on Flickr.

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