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One of the most popular areas within apps over the past couple of years has been health and well being – and the range of apps now available is very extensive, meaning that everything is in there, from advanced running apps to alarm clocks that are able to assess how well you slept during the night.

Cavity Free

And because most of us these days have our tablet or smartphone close to hand nearly all of the time, health apps are well suited to these devices. It means we can have more opportunities to interact with the software than on older style computing devices.

An interesting category of apps is the one dedicated to oral health. Do you remember being young and getting all that good dental care advice from school, showing how to brush and for how long? Chances are you remember some of the things you were taught – you  may even assiduously practise good dental care to this day. But for many of us, tooth brushing just became a nightly/ first thing in the morning chore – one that could probably do with some refresher skills. So, if you’re looking to brush up on your dental health, here are some suggestions for apps that will help you keep your teeth gleaming and your gums in good shape.

Please note, however, that brushing and dental care apps aren’t meant as an alternative to consulting a dental health professional. So if you have problems with your teeth or are seeking  specific advice – see your dentist. She or he may even have some app recommendations of their own.

iBrush – Brush Assistant For iPhone

This is a basic app but no less useful for that. It’s go some handy brushing tips, showing you which surfaces to cover. It also has a timer ensuring that you pay attention to each part of your mouth for the right length of time. This helps you brush more systematically and ensures that you don’t fall into the habit of only brushing some areas and missing others out. Free app.

Dental Expert

Billed as a “patient’s guide to understanding all aspects of dentistry and its procedures” this is kind of like a dental version of the po[ular medical encyclopaedias available in the app store. With a range of different categories including dfferent types of dentistry, it also provides useful information on important patient-centred subjects such as fear, anxiety and pain control. There’s also a handy FAQ section providing the answers to some common questions about dental health. Free app.

Tooth Brushing Motivator

Similar to iBrush, this is a colourful ‘how to’ guide to brushing your teeth, with useful visual representation of the best way to get your brushing done. This one has different brushing duration than iBrush, so it might be an idea to try out more than one app and see which one suits you best. App price £1.99

Cavity Free 3d

Detailed visualisations of brushing and flossing are the specialities of this app, this one also gives tips on brushing for those of use with braces, which is a welcome addition. Free App.

So, if you’re looking to put a bit of zest into your oral hygiene routine – take a look at the app store and see what it can do for you!

About the Author:

Jenni Jones writes for a number of blogs and websites on behalf of AXA PPP healthcare dental insurance.

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