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Your smartphone’s GPS can do wonders for you – augmenting your reality and really coming in handy sometimes, like when you need directions or when you lose your phone. It can also be integrated with your profile on social networks like Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, and more. You can check-in when you’re at a new spot, and your friends can know exactly where you’re tweeting from. It puts you on the map.

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More and more social apps are using your location to connect you with the people around you – like your friends and even total strangers. Using these apps is a trippy – and even creepy – way to keep track of your friends. If you’re interested in location-based social apps, here are some of the best, lesser-known ones to try. All of these apps are free, but remember that using GPS can quickly use up your battery power.


When you download Kismet, you can allow your location to be shared with other Kismet users. If your friends are on Kismet, you can find out exactly where they are. The cool thing about Kismet is that it can connect you to other people in your general area. You can find out who’s nearby – you can even find out more about them. Since Kismet can also connect with your Facebook page and other profiles, it will tell you about the interests of people who are close to you and what you might have in common with each other – quite a modern way of meeting new friends. is a way to keep track of your friends’ location updates across many platforms, like all the major social networks, in one place. You can see real-time updates of where your friends are located, and you can find out who’s recently checked-in near you. The newsfeed makes it easy and interesting to stay on top of your friends’ movements and updates. You can also jump to any location in the world and find out what’s happening there – very cool.


Sonar uses Facebook and Foursquare profiles to draw information about you, your friends, and the people around you. It will let you know who is located where, who is around you, and what you might have in common. It will help you meet up with old friends or make new ones instantly. You can also chat in-app with other people who are using Sonar. A great thing about Sonar is that its developers give great customer service and are constantly working to find ways to reduce the amount of battery power it uses.


Mingle! puts an emphasis on social connectivity in the professional realm. It’s meant to help businesspeople connect with other businesspeople nearby. It uses Facebook and LinkedIn to help you locate other professionals near you, which is perfect to use at business conferences or when you’re looking for new clients and employees. With this app you can also search for jobs and create a Mingle! introduction that will tell other Mingle! users who locate you a little more about yourself and your business.

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