Best Travel Apps for iOS

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Traveling is a very enjoyable experience. But, let’s face it, it can also be quite confusing and stressful especially if you’re going to a place that is very unfamiliar to you – a situation that happens more often than not because worthwhile travel, after all, involves going to new places.

Best Travel Apps for iOS

But you can limit the stress and confusion if you use some very useful apps that you can install on your iOS device.

Here are some apps that you should consider adding to your iOS device.


Waiting in airports can be a huge pain, especially if your layover is too long or delayed. Since there are a limited number of things you can do at airports, one of the best ways to while away your time is to have a nice meal. This is where GateGuru comes in. It’s app that tells you the restaurants that can be found in more than 125 airports around the world. The restaurants are listed based on the terminal where they’re located so it makes it easier to find. Reviews of the restaurants are also included to make choosing where to eat a more informed choice.


TripCola is a great app to add to your iOS device. With this app you can actually plan what you’ll do in your next destination. You can find more about the locations and destinations in the place you’re visiting. The information can prove invaluable since it will give you more details about these places. There’s even a cool feature that will inform you of other cool places that you can visit that are near where you are.


FlightAware does task of monitoring and tracking flights for you. You’ll find out delayed or cancelled flights especially ones that happen within the airports that are part of your travel. If you travel very often then this is an app that will certainly be of use to you.


The weather is definitely important an important factor for any person who is travellng a lot, that’s why Swackett is a very useful app. It presents weather information in a cool way and even suggests what kind clothing you should be wearing for the weather conditions you’ll meet.

Travel App Box

If you want an app that will cover all bases then Travel App Box is for you. Look at it as a chest full of different apps that you can use for when you travel – from currency converters, dress size conversion, translators, dictionaries, among others. Each one will work without an internet connection except for the flight status tracker.

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