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Some of the most useful tools for personal finance to come out since the calculator can be found in the iTunes store. You may find budgeting far too droll for someone outside of the banking and stock market sector to invest in apps, but the truth is that there are an abundance of unique and visually interesting apps that make the process of budgeting much simpler and, actually, appealing. As if you didn’t have enough excuses to take your iPad with you everywhere you go, now you’ll wonder how you ever paid taxes or found an ATM without it! 



Bills: BillTracker


Developer: SnapTap

BillTracker does everything you’d expect an app by that name to do: create and manage accounts, alert you with bill due dates, store your varied account information, and more. SnapTap has gone above and beyond to make this app, and your information therein, as secure as possible. There is a lot of other household bill tracking apps for the iPad, but this one made the cut for its user-friendliness, high ratings, and relatively small file size.

Budgeting: Spend Free

Price: Free

Developer: Adamcode.com

Although somewhat lacking in design, Spend Free is a fantastic free alternative to its sister app, Spend (and Spend 2). All three apps by Adamcode keep a sharp eye on your spending, organizing your every purchase into budgets such as “Groceries” and “Gas”. You can export the data to Excel, if you’re handy with spreadsheets.

Taxes: Expensify

Price: Free

Developer: Expensify

Have you ever sat down to that abominable practice known as paying income taxes, wondering if you’re remembering all of your deductions correctly? Expensify will help ease the confusion when you can’t read the faded, old ink from those months-old pharmacy receipts, or have lost a receipt from a charitable donation you made. The only complaint here is the design – if it were a bit more colorful or intriguing in its design, this app would be nearly perfect.

Taxes: TaxCaster

Price: Free

Developer: Intuit, Inc

TaxCaster, developed by the parent company of TurboTax, is essentially a tax refund fortune teller, if you will. Upon entering a little background information, such as your taxable wages and an estimate of your deductions (thank you, Expensify) TaxCaster will forecast the amount of money you are probably eligible to be refunded by the IRS after filing your income taxes.

Taxes: iDonatedIt

Price: $2.99

Developer: BMG Certified Public Accountants, LLC

This might strike some as an unusual app, but it may be off around tax time. Do you regularly contribute your used clothing, childrens toys, shoes, and household odds & ends? Those donations add up monetarily, but it’s difficult to know their fair price as used goods. IdonatedIt sorts by items and charity, such as Goodwill.


ATM Hunter

Price: Free

Developer: MasterCard

This app by MasterCard makes finding an ATM machine quick and easy. One con is that, since it’s developed by MasterCard, it is somewhat proprietary. You can easily find a machine (and merchants) that accept MasterCard’s PayPass card, but it doesn’t perform the same function for other major credit cards.

CheckPlease Lite

Price: Free

Developer: Catamount Software

If you couldn’t guess by its name, this app is a tip calculator that lets you change the percentage you wish to tip, as well as round up or down. It’s become so popular that it’s now available in four languages: English, German, Italian, and Portuguese. The ‘Lite’ version takes up a smaller amount of space on your iPad, in case you were wondering. And remember, 20% is the new 15% for stellar service.


Price: Free

Developer: GasBuddy Organization, Inc

Even if you know the city you live in like the back of your hand, you still don’t know which gas stations will have the cheapest per-gallon prices of gas, which can fluctuate wildly from month to month. Enter your location (city or zip code) into GasBuddy, and your “Buddy” will show you the  price per gallon, address, and relative distance (from the location you entered) of all gas stations nearby. What’s particularly impressive about this app is the ability to sort by fuel grade – regular, midgrade, premium, and diesel – as well as its map (vs. list) option.

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