Essential iPad Productivity Apps for Lawyers

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By now I’m going to assume that you’ve heard of the iPad. It is a tablet ‘computer’ that has disrupted the way we do business and communicate with other people. Tech savvy law firms are deploying iPads for their lawyers and loading them with applications (called apps) that are revolutionizing the way lawyers practice law. Do you still carry a stack of books to court with you? Guess what? Most of those publications have been ported to apps that run on the iPad and we’re going to go over some of the most popular productivity apps lawyers are using:

Essential iPad Productivity Apps for Lawyers

Rulebook – Have you been lugging rule books to court for the last few years? Does your back hurt from the weight? The good news is Rulebook contains those entire rule books right within the app and can be accessed offline too. There is even an ‘Enterprise’ version that can be customized by the firm to include firm specific docs or employee manuals.

Evernote – Is a digital note taking application that allows you to ‘tag’ each note with keywords that you can then use to search for indexed notes later. Evernote is organized by Notebooks and within those notebooks is where you save your notes. Evernote has an app for ecery platform (iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows) and even a web version. Along with the standard notes you can also save voice notes, and pictures. The beauty of Evernote is that is syncs across all your devices so if you create a note with the iPad, it will be viewable anywhere you use Evernote.

PDF Expert – A few years back, the legal system recognized the need for digital document distribution and they (along with the rest of us) selected Adobe PDF as the de facto standard for digital documents. With the update to version 3.0 of PDF Expert they really enhanced the tools for document editing like moving pages, copy, paste, page rotation, the list goes on. This is a definite must have for any lawyer with an iPad.

Quick Office Pro – It is probably safe to assume that if you’re dealing with a lot of PDF files then you likely have just as many Word documents or Excel spreadsheets. The iPad only has basic support to open Microsoft Office files. If you need edit docs (while saving formatting) or make a host of changes then Quick Office Pro is your app. A huge plus for this app is that it allows you to edit docs on or offline.

These four apps are only scratching the surface of what the iPad and mobile computing means to the legal profession. The recent infusion of technology is transforming the legal community and will increase the productivity of any law firm. The digital revolution has come, are you ready for it?

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