Gaming Club HTML5 Decision Vindicated as Adobe Abandons Flash Platform for Mobiles

Patrick Garde July 9, 2012 0

At the time of the announcement by Apple that it would not be supporting the Flash platform created by Adobe on its range of mobile devices, in favour of HTML5, it was considered a short-sighted decision that would cost Apple at a time when Android devices using Flash dominated the marketplace. The split between Apple and Adobe was a bitter one, with the latter accusing Apple of being motivated purely by business, to which the late founder of Apple Steve Jobs responded with an open letter on the company’s website, stating that it was doubts over the technology that led to the decision.

HTML5 No Flash Inside

At the time there was no doubt that users of Android devices were controlling the mobile landscape, and thus the decision by the online gaming company Gaming Club to develop options for HTML5 as well as Flash for its mobile casino software seemed to be over-cautious. Gaming Club did not abandon its commitment to its majority Android-based clientele, as it made downloading the software easier for them by incorporating Adobe Air into its platform for Android; but it wanted to retain and nurture the smaller number of Apple device users. As it turns out however, the decision by Apple has had a significant impact on mobile gaming that thoroughly vindicates this decision.

Adobe has made public its intention to scrap the Flash platform for all upcoming versions of the Android OS, starting with Android 4.1 – which indicates that Apple has won the battle. When the initial decision to get the HTML5 version of its software for mobile casinos ready was made by Gaming Club, it was in recognition that Apple users wanting to play iPhone casino and iPad casino games made up 15% of the company’s customer base – and the decision saw that percentage rise to 20 – but with HTML5 looking set to be the ominant platform for mobile gaming it puts the company ahead of the competition.

Image courtesy of Josef Dunne on Flickr.

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