Google Brings Chrome and Drive to iPhone and iPad, Docs Goes Offline

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While some lives by the adage that goes, ‘You can’t please everyone’, Google believes otherwise. With its continuous developments, Google always strive to reach to wider markets and listen to what people want further with their current services. Google’s Chrome browser and Drive app has been available for the Android operating system for a while but now, it is going to launch its version for the iOS devices particularly the iPhone and iPad.

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The Google Chrome iOS version should be very much the same as the one for the Android operating system. The features that will be present are the ability to automatically sync tabs, history and book marks from different devices. One new feature is that the browsing history is also synced for individual tabs. What this means is, people can hit the back button on the Google browser in their iPhone to go to the previous pages that they visited on their desk top computer.

The Google browser, however, can’t be set as the iPhone or iPad’s default browser though. This is no longer new to third party browsers in iOS.

The Google Drive in iPhone or iPad, on the other hand, can come in handy for avid users of this Google application. The search function is pretty much amazing by being able to scan texts even within an image. It can even recognize the content of an image to be able to include it in its search results. For example, if you search for ‘flower’, an image of the flower will also be included in the search results.

Although the Google Drive app for these iOS devices won’t come with an editing function just yet, the ability to search and view files that are stored in your Google Drive account should already be useful enough while on the go with your iPhone or iPad.

As if the inclusion of Chrome and Drive in iPhone and iPad is enough to please iOS users, Google also announced that offline editing will now be possible in Google Docs. Now this news will certainly delight not just the iOS users but everyone utilizing the Google Docs in general.

The user will have to enable the offline document editing feature in the application while they are online. By doing this, Google Docs will download local copies of all the documents that will be edited while working offline. After completing this procedure, the user can start editing the downloaded documents even without an internet connection. Chrome will save a copy of the edited document while offline, then sync it automatically as soon as the user gets an internet connection.

The transition should not cause the Google docs users to make an adjustment since users will be able to use the same formatting functions that will be available as they are working online. However, editing of spread sheets and presentations is yet to come.

These remarkable announcements during the Google I/O conference is certainly an indication that Google will always aim at reaching more consumers and listening to what they want. More announcements and developments should be expected to come from Google which makes them thrive in the industry that they belong to.

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