Google Upgrades Gmail, Launches Chrome and Drive iPad Apps

Patrick Garde July 2, 2012 0
Google Upgrades Gmail, Launches Chrome and Drive iPad Apps

Recently, Google is making some noise in the iOS field by upgrading its Gmail app and launching 2 new iPad apps in Chrome and Drive.


Honestly, I am not really a fan of Google’s mail app but with their recent update, I might give it another look. The team made the application a little better by allowing it to work with Notification Center. Even if your tablet’s screen is locked, you now have the ability to still see emails and banners.

I also have to admit that before, I hate how I need to log in again when opening the Gmail app. Now, they have an answer for that as it is possible for you to permanently log in. Finally, I will not have to enter my password when I want to check my mails.

Google Chrome

This week, Google made available Chrome on the iTunes App Store and we couldn’t be happier.

Chrome is the web browser by Google which I prefer to use on my laptop at home and on my desktop at work. It has the same features just like with what you use on your computers.

What I like about the Chrome iPad app is you can access your tabs from different gadgets. Your browsing experience will always be constant now even if you move from desktop to your iPad.

Google Drive

The search engine giant launches an app to compete with Dropbox. The application comes with 5GB of storage (Google Docs) and even lets you view documents offline.

Image courtesy of Aray Chen on Flickr.

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