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Anything that Apple does have to create a buzz. Whether it is with their amazing Macs, their music players or their tablets, the company is always in the news for one thing or the other. Now we hear all sorts of stories about the iPad Mini. We heard that Asian suppliers were gearing up for the shipment of huge numbers of components.  for Amazon’s Kindle Fire and its two new versions and for Google’s Nexus 7, the other players in the small tablet market.

iPad Mini

Apple’s own product could have a 7-inch screen and is expected to be priced higher than the approximately $ 200 dollars that the Fire and Nexus 7 are currently selling at. The company still hopes to corner market share, relying on the superiority of its product. Industry experts believe that a smaller iPad is a great addition to a vibrant market and will provide users with more options, a better environment and superior experience.

It is also felt that the iPad Mini is a welcome addition to the Apple products, rather than a deterrent to drive sales of other iPad versions lower. In fact, the iPad still drives sales and the market for smaller sized tablets is a tad tiny. Also, there is a possibility that people may go infor both regular sized iPads and this version and switch between both depending on need. The screen resolution is the same in the Mini version which means apps can still be accommodated despite a small screen. But whether the apps can be manipulated in miniature space is a different matter altogether. Since the high-definition retina screen will have to be replaced by a regular touch screen, there might be a dip in visual quality. One remembers Dell’s Streak, with one of its versions of a 7-inch tablet that failed so spectacularly that most people do not even know that such a product existed.

But size does matter and the iPad Mini will be convenient to carry in a pocket or a bag. The device is pitted as competition to the BlackBerry PlayBook with its 7-inch screen. This particular version is a huge hit with businessmen who love any product from Blackberry. The other players in this niche are the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Toshiba’s Tablet 7 in.

Apple has undoubtedly brought the world a seamless tablet not seen before so the iPad Mini, if it is indeed in the pipeline will be interesting to watch. Till then the rumor mills will continue to work overtime.

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