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Apple designed a range of computer tablets known as the iPad a few years ago, with the new iPad quickly becoming one of the top choices for businesses. The reason is that the iPad 3 offers many business solutions right at your fingertips. The size of the iPad is much smaller than a bulkier laptop, making it more ideal to carry. In addition, the features of the iPad are far more advanced, offering companies unique business solutions that are easy to implement. Here are a few of the features of the iPad 3 that make it the perfect choice for businesses around the world.

iPad 3


The iPad has several applications that will allow a person to draw on the screen, similar to the way a person would take notes on a whiteboard. This is great for meetings as it simplifies the message of the presentation. Everything can be saved on the screen, making presentations simple and professional.


The iPad offers a fun and unique way to give presentations. The iPad can be held up in the meeting to show what is being discussed, or it can easily be passed around. If more information is needed from a specific site, it is easy to go directly to it with a simple touch of the screen.

Going Green

Perhaps one of the best things about using the iPad in business is the fact that a paperless system can be implemented in the office. All notes can be taken on the iPad and saved. There is no need to bring a book of paper to a meeting any longer. In addition, the notes can be sent through email directly from the iPad. No paper required.

Credit Card Applications

There are several apps available for the iPad that will allow a company to accept credit cards, as long as they have their iPad with them. This is very convenient for businesses that attend conferences or sell products away from the office. As many people have stopped carrying cash, being able to accept credit cards from anywhere is extremely useful.

Personal Secretary

The iPad has several dictation apps that allow a person to speak directly into the iPad and it will take notes. The device can convert the memo to text and there is no longer any need for a secretary. Additionally, the iPad offers a calendar, where all events can be scheduled. Reminders can be set for any important appointments. Taking the iPad with you is like taking your personal secretary to all your out of office events.

For business professionals, the new iPad is definitely a purchase worth making. The technology of the device offers many business solutions for any type of company. There are applications and features that can be used for anything you may need. In addition, the touch screen is easy to use and the device is extremely lightweight and a very manageable size. Carrying an iPad is much more convenient than lugging around a heavy laptop so next time you are in the market for a computer think about an iPad instead.

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Smith Johnson – Working as marketing manager with Next Byte, which is the largest and most awarded Apple premium reseller within Australia, having full range of Apple products. Herewith I am sharing and suggesting reason to buy the new iPad.

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