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Patrick Garde June 29, 2012 0
Latest Technology News & Releases

Apple began using so-called Retina Displays on its products back in 2010 when the iPhone 4 was launched. In early 2012 it was revealed that the new iPad would be getting a 2048×1536 Retina Display and just a couple of months later Apple pulled a similar trick with the updated MacBook Pro range of laptops.

Now AppleInsider is reporting that the MacBook Pro models which do feature the Retina Display will actually be using screen technology that is supplied by South Korean manufacturer LG.

This is according to a tweet from repair service iFixit, which took apart one of the new MacBooks in order to take a look at the hardware and establish which companies have been used to supply which parts.

It is of course worth noting that Apple rarely relies on a single provider for components for its devices, so while some Retina Displays may have been produced by LG, it could have called on alternative companies to help keep up with demand.

It was initially thought that the new MacBook Pro models would be using IGZO technology developed by Japanese firm Sharp in order to provide the Retina Display experience for those who prefer laptops to tablets.

However, it seems more likely that LG is being used as the primary supplier, which industry insiders and users alike will no doubt be interested to hear.

Apple`s previous products have relied heavily on components manufactured by LG`s major domestic rival Samsung, but ongoing spats and legal battles between the iPhone designer and this company over their competing devices has caused the American firm to try and move away from it.

This did not prevent the new iPad`s Retina Display apparently being produced by Samsung, allegedly because Apple could not find any other manufacturer that was able to deliver the quality and quantity of screens required for its multi-million selling third generation tablet.

Although LG and Apple have a half billion dollar deal signed back in 2009 that sees the former supplying the latter with LCD screens, there have been tensions between the companies. During the production of the second generation iPad, Apple allegedly demoted LG from being the main display provider after it got a batch of screens that were apparently rife with problems.

Of course Apple`s reliance on a large number of manufacturing partners means that a single relationship is never going to make or break a particular product line.

The new MacBook Pro has been described by some sources as one of the most locked down and tough to repair laptops ever produced, largely because many of the components are soldered in place or integrated using non-standard parts. Apple has become known for keeping tight control over each of the devices that it launches and the MacBook Pro range is clearly no different.

It will be interesting to see which company produces the screens for the iPhone 5 later in 2012, since Apple is expected to increase the display size from the 3.5 inch measurement that has been present throughout its handset`s history.

Image courtesy of Yutaka Tsutano on Flickr.

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