Marketing Lessons from Steve Jobs that Everyone Should Know

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Marketing Lessons from Steve Jobs that Everyone Should Know

He is the reason Apple is as successful as it is today, we all know him and have plenty to learn from him, Steve Jobs. He is known for being a Marketing genius and took a company that wasn’t too successful and made it a giant and ridiculously profitable. While he has done more marketing strategies than we can cover in one article, let’s go over some marketing tips we can all learn from him.

Design is Very Important

One of the most important parts of creating a product and selling it, it the design itself. With all of the businesses out there that will be able to provide similar products and services as you, it’s important to stand out and make your products more desirable than theirs. If you look all of the products that Apple has come out with over the recent years, not only is the product design great, but the whole experience of purchasing it good. The design of the box, how it is presented, and the design of how everything is put together stands out.

Even if you are only selling online electronic e-books, designing the presentation of it should be a very high priority. Giving it a attractive cover, and properly designing the product’s page will greatly increase the amount of sales you will get. If you just release a product on a market that is unattractive or doesn’t stand out, people will always think twice about buying it and could end up purchasing a similar product for your competition.

Get a Fan Base Then Focus on Them

Your fans can be one of the best marketing tools available. The more people that become loyal to your company and the things you have to offer, the more people you have bragging about your company to their friends. You should notice that Apple has some of the most die hard fans out there and they are proud to express to happiness from Apple products. If Apple comes out with a new product, people will stand in line for as long as it takes to get their hands on it as soon as possible, and they do this because they are loyal to Apple. There are other reputable companies that offer similar products, but they want what Apple is offering.

There are plenty of ways to get your customers more involved with your company. Start by making social networking and a blog for your company, that way people have a place to go and interact with the business. They can leave comments, get updates, and leave reviews. Make sure to respond regularly and offer special promotions they can only find on your profiles, this will give them an incentive to keep coming back to your page. Once you start to win people over, you will notice more and more people follow you due to recommendations. It is an excellent cycle that can help any business thrive.

Get Your Customers Excited About Your Products

Don’t just release a product  without having people wanting and waiting for it. The more promotional marketing you do prior to the release of a product, the better it will do as soon as it hits the market. Like I previously mentioned, you will notice people lining up to get their hands on Apple’s new products hours and hours before it is officially available. The more people are hyped up for the release of your product, the more they will tell other people about it, which increase the hype… increasing your overall sales once it is released. This strategy has been being used for ages, and with good reason. Its success has been proven time and time again.

Research Your Own Company Prior to Launching a Campaign

Launching a campaign without properly going over the risks could end up leaving your company in a bad position and could be the downfall of the company. As the owner it should be a high priority for you to understand all aspects of your business, to make sure all vulnerable parts of it can be taken care of.  Get a professional valuation of your business and it’s plant and machinery assets, understand all of your revenue streams, and make sure that everything about your company is as good as it can be. Always plan ahead of a marketing campaign. If it fails, where will the company be then? The more time you spend understanding your own company, the less risk you will always have.

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