Mobile Gaming: Casino, One of the Top Genres

Patrick Garde December 23, 2013 0
Mobile Gaming: Casino, One of the Top Genres

comScore has released an analysis of mobile gaming where Casino games are ranked 4th as one of the top genres.  Players like mobile casino games because it has the benefits of playing in real-world Las Vegas, yet you do not need to travel to Sin City.  Just open up your phone, download an app and play your hearts out.  If you are not entertained playing casino games on mobile or any smartphone you can always choose online casino websites like to play on your PC or laptop.

Mark Donovan, comScore Senior Vice President for Mobile and senior analyst, mentioned that despite a decline in the number of gamers in the US, the potential for growth is still there:

Although the number of mobile gamers has declined in the past year, there is reason for significant optimism about the future of this market. As the market transitions from feature phones to smartphones, the dynamics of gameplay are also shifting towards a higher quality experience. As a result, we can expect to see a profound increase in adoption of this activity, both in terms of audience size and overall engagement.

Smartphones offer a more accessible and compelling mobile gaming experience that is enabling adoption of this behavior, even among consumers who have not traditionally been gamers. Marketers and advertisers ought to be paying close attention to the opportunity this presents for reaching consumers in new and engaging ways in a cross-platform environment. The potential for highly creative marketing efforts is exciting.

Smartphone subscribers are 3x more likely to play games on their smartphones as compared to feature phone subscribers.  Also, smartphone users are probably 5x likely to play games daily.  Further, those with smartphone install and download more games on their device.  27% of users have installed at least a game while only 5.6% of feature phone users have downloaded at least one.  33% of smartphone users with games enabled on their gadget, have more than 5 games installed on their phone, while less than 1% of feature phone users have that much games downloaded.  Lastly, smartphone subscribers are likely to play the following category of games:

Arcade Puzzle – 12.9%

Card – 11.9%

Word or Number – 11.4%

Casino – 7.6%

Retro Arcade – 6.3%

Board – 5.4%

Quiz – 3.9%

Strategy – 3.7%

Sports – 3.3%

Racing – 3.0%

Action/Adventure – 2.5%

Music/Rhythm – 2.3%

First Person Shooter – 2.0%

Other – 1.3%

The report shows that the genre with the highest market share is Arcade Puzzle.  In addition, the casual genres have penetrated the market more than the hardcore type of genre.

[via comScore]

Image courtesy of jontintinjordan on Flickr.

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