Most Popular iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S Colors

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Most Popular iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S Colors

Apple recently launched the next version of its famed smartphone, iPhone 5S, along with a low price edition called iPhone 5C. With the launch of these phones, Apple changed one of its main strategies and decided to launch these phones in multiple color options. Previously, Apple smartphones were always launched in only two colors but this time around we are seeing a wider range.

According to the latest data collected from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Space Gray has turned out to be the most popular color option for the buyers of iPhone 5S. 43% of the people who were included in the survey had purchased a phone with Space Gray color. On the second place was silver color with over 30% of the buyers going for it. At the third place is the Gold model with 27% of buyer base. This survey was performed one month after the launch of iPhone 5S.

But certain facts should be kept in mind while taking the results of this survey. For instance, Gold color was in highest demand at the initial stages of the release and Apple had to increase the production of iPhone 5S with Gold color by 33 percent. However, the short time during which the phone was absent from the market certainly diverted many users to other colors, as a result of which the percentage of Gold color evidently decreased.

Apple recently also stopped the developers from using the gold colored iPhone in their promotions. Instead, the colors allowed for the developers were mainly white, blue, silver and space gray. This is probably because of the fact that Apple wants to use the color exclusively in its own promotional campaign. Apple posted the colors that developers can use on its App Store Marketing Guidelines page recently. The immense popularity of the gold color and consequent shortage was probably also one of the reasons behind the decision. Apple soon ordered increased production of iPhones with this color and now the shortage has pretty much been overcome.

In a survey of people who purchased iPhone 5C, the most popular color seems to be Blue. This color claims over 27 percent of the user base. After Blue, we have White color which is pretty close with 25% user base. Yellow sits at the bottom of this ladder with only 7% of the users going for it. This data for iPhone 5C was collected from 400 people one month after the official launch of the phone. The data further showed that for iPhone 5S, men generally prefer space gray color while women favor silver. On the other hand, for iPhone 5C, women quite predictably preferred pink color while men went for blue and white.

Another interesting fact that needs to be mentioned is that iPhone 5C is most popular in the US and on the other hand, iPhone 5S has found popularity mainly in Germany. Popularity of iPhone 5C is the US is quite understandable, given the price cuts the phone has received. So far, both variants of latest iPhone have been doing pretty well in the market, but it would certainly take some time before the total percentage of these two devices is able to compete with the previous two models. If you buy your iPhone 5C from another country, you can still use it on your favorite GSM network if you unlock it using services like They will whitelist your iPhone IMEI directly to Apple database and after that you are free to use a SIM card from any provider.

Surveys have also observed another interesting fact: even though iPhone 5C is low-priced variant, iPhone 5S despite its high cost has been outselling the former. It’s not that people have totally rejected iPhone 5C. On the contrary, Apple’s move of launching a low-price variant of its flagship has been much appreciated by everyone. But the popularity of the standard model of the phone still remains higher. Surveys have revealed that iPhone 5S has outsold iPhone 5C by a factor of 2.23:1. The share of iPhone 5S in the worldwide share of the phone has reached 3.5% while that of iPhone 5C has managed to reach 1.7% so far. As an aside, however, it is also mentioned that the popularity of iPhone 5C seems to be gaining momentum.

At present, the most popular of all iPhone models happens to be iPhone 5S with a user base of 40% of total iPhone users. At the second place is iPhone 4S with 32.9% users.

Image courtesy of Kārlis Dambrāns on Flickr.

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