New York Post: One of the Top Grossing iPad Apps

Patrick Garde June 23, 2011 0

How did New York Post become one of the top grossing iPad apps on the App store? Well, a contentious move by management enabled them to do so.

iPad users were surprised to be restricted from entering the newspaper’s website. If you go to using your iPad browser, you will be welcomed by a graphic encouraging you to download the paid iPad app of New York Post.

Even though a number of users objected, many also give in and paid $1.99 [iTunes Link] which allows the app to climb to the list of Top 10 Grossing iPad apps.

The newspaper industry is still trying to stay afloat that’s why New York Post considered going this paid route. Since it has been a success as of now, other newspapers may follow as well.

If you really are against this though, you many want to try other alternate browsers which do not distinguish what device you are using.

Image courtesy of DaMarco Scott on Flickr.

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