Six Best iPhone Apps to Play with Your Infant

Kendra Johnson July 7, 2012 0

At some point your infant is going to get hold of your iPhone and send nonsense text messages to your mother, so why not have a few standby apps on there to entertain your little one that are educational, too. Here is a selection of the best.

Seek and Find by Wonderkind

In this delightful little app, your toddler can explore the goings on of a farm, a zoo and a forest. Touching hotspots on the screen plays little animations with accompanying sounds. Some of them are quite funny, like the camel spitting on a zoo visitor who gasps in surprise, while others show the behavior of animals in those situations. It teachers fine motor skills to pick the animation you want, as well as knowledge about what goes on at farms, in zoos and in the woods. There is a free version with the farm but you need to buy the other two places in the app.

iPlay and Sing

This app was developed by a group of education professionals in the UK. There’s a drawing function, a piano, “odd one out” games, and a tilting game. You can even record songs and play them back for your little one. The best part is a game where toddlers practice making the shapes of numbers and letters with their finger. This is a free app.

Baby Signing

You can get American Sign Language and British Sign Language-based baby signing apps. Although babies who sign generally learn to speak earlier and learn more words by age 2, other children catch up by age 3. It is great, though, for improving communication with your toddler in those first three years. You will have to pay around $3 or $4 dollars for a good signing app.

Animal Chatter by iGreen Earth

This free app is simply fabulous. Pictures of animals play the sound they make when touched. The sheep is a bit loud and scary, but it is a wonderful way to introduce your child to everyday and more exotic animals and encourage them to imitate the sounds they hear. You have to play with them, though, as the arrows to scroll through the animals are very close to the ad banner.

Bubbles by Hog Bay Software

This app is written up as a distraction for bored toddlers, but the simple fun of popping bubbles helps young children practise their fine motor skills and close observation skills as they follow the bubble they want to pop. And it’s only 99 cents.

Dr. Seuss Books by OMBook

Several of the Dr. Seuss books are available in a free version (which only gives the first few pages of the books), and then you can pay $5 more for the full version. There are several ways you can read the books with your child. You can set it to autoplay so you don’t have to get involved, or you can manually turn the pages and read it yourself. One added attraction is that there are hotspots in the words and illustrations so that your child can find out what they are.

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