Skype iPad App Coming Soon

Patrick Garde June 26, 2011 0

Just like Facebook, Skype is preparing to release an iPad app soon. Though there is no release date as well, at least it is good news for Skype users.

TUAW got a chance to interview the vice president of Skype for consumer and product design, Rick Osterloh, which mentioned that they expect its app to be approved soon by Apple.

Back in 2009, Skype released its iPhone app and had a lot of success by doubling the users in 30 days. He projects that their iPad app will have the same fate.

Below is a video preview of the Skype iPad app:

Pros – Chat, audio and video calling

Cons – Unable to share files

Even though Apple has already FaceTime, Osterloh mentioned that Apple is supportive of Skype’s iPad app.

Facebook and Skype has popular iPhone apps but both also lacks an iPad app. Hopefully, both will released their iPad apps soonest.

[via TUAW]

Image courtesy of Legoliner Pilot on Flickr.

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