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People who spend a lot of time behind the wheel will find that a wide range of handy Apps have been created for their convenience. These Apps cover everything motorists could possibly need, from where to find the best petrol prices to information that can help you to avoid getting caught in traffic jams. What follows is information on some of the best car related Apps that are available for Android and iOS.

Apps to help you save money

RepairPal is an excellent app to use when your car is in need of a little maintenance. This impressive app will estimate the cost of certain repair jobs that need to be performed on your car and find the cheapest and best repair shops in your area. RepairPal also provides other useful services such as maintenance advice and checklists, roadside assistance for breakdowns and repair history logs.

Business travellers who spend a lot of time on the road are sure to find the VehiCal app extremely useful. VehiCal is a special expense management app that carefully calculates and monitors all vehicle-rated expenses and other information such as tolls, parking fees, fuel consumption and mileage. Motorists can create spread sheets of their vehicle data to monitor at their leisure and discover where they can cut costs.

GasBuddy is an easy to use app that helps you to locate the nearest petrol station with the lowest prices.

Apps to help you stay out of trouble

As the name suggests, iWrecked is as useful app to have if the worst should happen and you find yourself in a car accident. This app helps relieve the stress of being in an accident as it will log all the necessary details such as insurance information, take photographs of the damage and even send a detailed report straight to your insurance company. A large number of emergency contact numbers are also stored in iWrecked’s database, making this the perfect app to have around at the time of a crisis.

People who feel the need for speed can rely on Trapster to help them steer out of trouble. Users of Trapster will be alerted of any upcoming speed traps, accidents, hidden speed cameras and other hazards while on the road. People who have a bit of a lead foot will also be alerted when they go above the speed limit. Carbonga can help you to avoid serious maintenance and safety issues by diagnosing your vehicle and providing important information on the status of certain systems such as the transmission, antilock brakes and the air bags. This means that you will never be caught out by an unnoticed fault.

Last but certainly not least, Car Butler is an extremely comprehensive app that acts as a motorist’s best friend. If you need to know where to find nearby services such as petrol stations, car washes and car parks, Car Butler has the answers. It can also keep you informed about traffic and weather conditions and warn you when your parking metre is due to time out.

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