The Evolution of the Famous Bingo Game

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The Evolution of the Famous Bingo Game

Though bingo became famous in US during the mid-20th century, its roots can be traced back during the 1530s when a state-operated lottery program known as ‘Lo Gioco’ was started in Europe. In America, the game was introduced by a New York toy salesperson called Lowe. He came from Italy with a bag of beans, cardboard and rubber numbering stamp. The man invited friends into his apartment and then assumed the duty of a pitchman, a woman who was about to win stood up and shouted ‘Bingo!’ and that is how the game got its name.

In France, the game was introduced in late 1700s; one edition of it used a special playing card that comprised of 9 columns and 3 rows including four clear spaces for each row. The caller usually reached into his bag-pack and dished out a set of wooden chips marked 1-90 with each column consisting of 10 slots. The 1st player to complete an entire row would ultimately emerge the winner, this unique lottery-style bingo soon turned to be a major craze throughout Europe.

A German version of bingo was developed in the 1800s to equip children with basic multiplication skills. Other variations like Animal, Historical and Spelling Lotto were later introduced to sharpen the minds of kids.

Nowadays, a total of 48 states in America are registered to offer legit casino bingo games. This favorite pastime can either be played from websites or brick & mortar stations, people also use them to socialize and interact with other contestants all over the world. Moreover, modern surveys show that most contestants are 45 yrs and above, however the game is slowly gaining popularity amongst youngsters as well.

Play bingo from iPads

The original version of this game was available in 2 variations, a 12-card set consisting of 1-dollar playoffs and a 2-dollar piece with 24 cards. These days, it’s possible to play this interesting game via the internet, all you need is a reliable internet connection. One can either use a PC or smartphone to stream live bingo games from the web, gamblers can choose between the 75, 80 and 90 slot versions.

The latest phenomenon in virtual gambling is playing bingo with tablets or iPads. It emerged due to bettors need to access their favorite games from anywhere they want, while also experiencing superior game effects than those of standard mobile phones. Most ipad bingo games have multiple betting rooms, which players can choose from, with ticket values starting from 10pence onwards. Users would also enjoy the revolutionary game chat platform that allows them to freely interact with others, this is a nice way to socialize and make new friends. New players would also benefit from incentives such as free sign-up bonus which could be as much as 50$, depending on the version they are using.

One benefit of iPad bingo is that transactions can directly be made through the device; this is quite different from handsets where you have to use a computer to add or retrieve money from the gaming app. The device boasts of a practical touchscreen where users can download as many bingo apps as they want, it’s also much easier to install programs on the ipad. The game is fast, interesting and frantic meaning that there isn’t any time that you would lose interest. Prizes are handed to those who can successfully complete a card line or if you can cover all the 4 corners.

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