The Growing Popularity of the iPad POS

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The Growing Popularity of the iPad POS

No matter if a business is getting ready to open or if they are considering an upgrade to a decades old POS system, an iPad POS is becoming a popular consideration. These tablet-based systems are both more economical and more versatile than traditional systems, making them a good option for many small and medium-sized businesses. In fact, more than half of businesses plan to use tablets as a mobile business solution in the coming years according to a study from Aruba Networks.

Ease of Use

With the popularity of tablets and other mobile devices today, it is rare to find someone who does not already know how to perform at least basic functions on an iPad. This makes the process of implementing iPad POS systems and training new employees to use your existing mobile POS much easier than traditional employee training. Many customers are also familiar with the way they work, making the entire process quick and painless for everyone involved.

Cost Efficient

There are three options for businesses when considering how to handle sales. There is the traditional cash register, an automatic point of sale computer and a mobile POS system. Cash registers require a large amount of counter space and cost a lot of money without offering the benefits of an automatic system. POS computers can run reports and offer automated support, but can cost close to $20,000. A tablet-based POS can also offer these benefits, but can cost less than half of that.


Perhaps more than any of the other POS options available to business owners, iPad POS systems offer innovation and flexibility. With systems such as NCR Silver, available through, owners can customize their screens, choose their own credit card processor and add on hardware to make the system meet their individual needs. They are also scalable, meaning that the system can grow as the business grows.

Inventory and Reporting

One of the biggest advantages of an automated computer POS system over traditional registers is the ability to track inventory and pull reports based on sales trends. This ability is available on iPad POS systems as well, and because the information is cloud-based, it is even easier to access and use. No matter where they are or what time it is, a business owner can log on from their computer, tablet or smartphone and check the day’s sales, complete inventory or compile reports. The in-store tablets also make it possible to instantly view inventory and share that with customers in a professional way.

Environmentally Friendly

A tablet-based POS can also help a business go green, because many use e-receipts instead of paper receipts. This system automatically sends an email to the customer that acts as a receipt. This is especially handy in businesses where customers do not often need a receipt, like food or beverage outlets. For businesses that wish to print traditional receipts, a small receipt printer can easily be added to the system.

As technology advances and more complex software is developed for tablets, the popularity of iPad POS systems is only expected to grow. Their many advantages over cash registers and POS computers mean that businesses of all sizes and types are looking into the investment. While they may not be the best choice for every business, many owners find they are the perfect answer for all of their POS needs.

This was contributed by Harem Williams, a small business owner in Amarillo, Texas.

Image courtesy of OldOnliner on Flickr.

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