Top 10 Quiz Apps

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Top 10 Quiz Apps

If you are looking for best quiz apps to train your brain having fun in the same time, go ahead and check the ones bellow. In case you get really stuck on a certain level you can find the solution on QuizAnswers.

1.       QUIZ UP:

Quiz Up it is known as one of the best trivia games all over the world because of its number of questions. The game lets you answer on 250 various subjects or topics like music, sports, TV, celebrities, social, food, sciences and many others.

2.       MOVIE POP:

The player needs to guess the movie looking to a picture provided by the app. The game has great craze in movie fans.

3.       4 Pics 1 SONG:

For the people found of music, Game Circus introduced 4 Pics 1 Song app, asking players to guess the popular song with hints as 4 different pictures of particular song and celebrity.

4.       4 Pics 1 WORD:

The game is dedicated to all age groups and contains questions on huge topics like animals, articles etc. The hints are given in form of 4 different picture of particular word to be identified.

5.       SONG POP:

The game has made for rock music lovers to identify the pop song of the celebrity. The game is totally addictive and awarded with Webby Award in 2013.

6.        WONDER POLLS:

This is amazing and very useful for those looking to improve their English skills. This game helps you to check your vocabulary and answer the antonyms of the word.

7.       ICON POP QUIZ:

This is a great game, challenging for players looking for entertainment. Just try to identify a few famous persons, name of the movies or television shows and you will understand why.

8.       GUESS THE FOOD:

Avoid playing if you are hungry or on a diet. J Delicious dishes could be easy to guess but can make you fat.


This game helps you to test your memory. You need to recognize colors from different logos.


True or false is a real time quiz on various topics. Read the whole questions and be careful what you choose!

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