Top 5 Free iPad Apps of the Week Ending July 24

Philip Garde July 27, 2011 0
Top 5 Free iPad Apps of the Week Ending July 24

Here are our top 5 free iPad apps of the week ending July 24, 2011. You can add these best applications in your tablet with ease as you don’t need to shell out some bucks.

PopBooth Photo Booth

PopBooth is a Photo Booth application that works as advertised. No complicated settings, click on the iPad app and click the camera below, click it again for the countdown to start. The camera will now snap four shots and right after that it will let you see the preview of the photograph. Pick out your desired filter from untouched, black and white, colorz, 1985 and vintage. You can also browse through Pop Booth’s photo history. What makes a Photo Booth successful is by sharing your pictures for admiration. Sharing is done via Facebook or email.

HowStuffWorks for iPad

HowStuffWorks became popular when it hit the iPhone by storm with its great concept; the iPad version delivers the same intensity and a whole lot more. It has a refreshing content and library of articles for additional information. With this application, it will enhance your ideas and learn new things. The best way to know if you learn something from the video is to evaluate yourself by taking a quiz. It has a lot of categories to choose from, incredibly interesting application with a clean interface. The best part – it’s free.

Sephora App for iPad

This application is for the ladies, reminds me of Flipboard. Social news, beauty report and almost everything a woman would love. Browse through a lot of beauty tips, catalogs, and you can even shop and pay for products without the inconvenient of leaving the application. Saw something enticing to buy? Ask your friends’ opinion, share it on Facebook, Twitter or even mail it. Different tutorial videos with matching virtual mirror (using the front camera of the iPad 2) to stay in pace and follow the instructions as you progresses on the video.

Get in the Game

Get in the Game is a tutorial (training camp) application from the very best athletes of various sports. With over 34 athletes ready to become your coach on specific aspects, know their secrets, apply and develop what you learned. You’ll pay an extra $4.99 if you want to unlock a certain athlete and all of his/her tips. A great buy if you are really a fan of the athlete or just wanted to learn the sport or fundamentals eagerly. This application is very informative and a sure hit to all sports-minded persons. Excellent video quality! With their famous cliché, “What are you waiting for? Get in the Game!”

PlayitYourself 4 HD

Want to learn how to play Piano? There’s an app for that. Average fun level as it guides you on which key to play. With over 15 tunes to master, in no time you could simply memorize the notes. Great sound quality as you hit the piano. With this application, you will definitely look like an expert Pianist in no time!

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