Top 5 Paid iPad Apps of the Week Ending July 31

Philip Garde August 1, 2011 0
Top 5 Paid iPad Apps of the Week Ending July 31

Today, we round up the best iPad apps of the week ending July 31. You can find our quick reviews below:

Gesundheit HD – $1.99 (Launch Sale 50%)

Gesundheit HD is making buzz on the App Store with its amazingly crisp graphics and engaging gameplay. This is an adventure type of game that employs a stunning colorful environment. After each level, the difficulty level increases and you will certainly make use of your wits to get past through it. This game looks and plays great on the iPad 2, with promised future updates without a doubt this will become a game everyone will love.

Toontastic – $1.99

Direct a cartoon and share it online. Toontastic is definitely great for kids (and adults too) as they will use their creative minds in generating stories using their personal voice. Add pre-defined music for more entertaining fairy-tale, you can also make your own cartoon character if you are not satisfied with the options. Create, watch and share, everything is easy that will surely keep your kids busy with this iPad app

Amateur Surgeon 2 HD– $0.99 

Amateur Surgeon 2 is a fun game that puts you in the shoes of Alan Probe, a 70 year-old surgeon. This game is a sequel to the much regarded Amateur Surgeon. Same concept, you operate on patients and save their lives. This game looks very good on the iPad’s screen. You have different items that provide various functions. With an amazing concept that never goes out of style, Amateur Surgeon 2 is a fantastic game that delivers humor and excitement all throughout.

AVPlayerHD – $2.99

(Newly updated app:July 30, 2011)

Tired of long waiting time on converting your movies to watch on your iPad? Install this app and see its power. Basically, what does this app do?  It plays (almost) all video formats from .mkv, .avi, .mp4, .m4v, .xvid, .rmvb, .wmv and .asf (tried different movie extensions and it works everytime on our iPad 2). It also supports different subtitle extension. You can transfer your movies using iTunes sync (drag and drop) or by WiFi transfer. Different playback gestures to control your movie without additional hiccups. This is hands down the best media player for your iPad. No more conversion needed, transfer your movies on the AVPlayerHD, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Wooords – $0.99 (50% Launch Sale)

Wooords is not your ordinary word game as this offers a fresh concept that is easy to understand and is remarkably addictive. It also has numerous game modes that will surely keep you busy. User interface is tremendously clean and smooth. The gameplay is very user- friendly and you must think of words constantly to hit multiple combos for higher rewards. Drag the letters to create words, you must always include the key letter to make your points count. I suggest you buy this app while it’s on sale, the future is indeed bright for this game. Word!

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