Top 5 VPN iPad Apps

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Top 5 VPN iPad Apps

A virtual private network, or VPN for short, lets you access a new IP address and hides your real one; this will make your visit to websites and apps anonymous.  Therefore, it is a must to have a VPN app as you can surf the web securely.  In addition, another benefit of using a VPN account is you can now play video which has geographic restrictions.  You will not be disappointed anymore if a video stop from playing because you’re from another part of the world.  LifeHacker has listed the 5 best VPN tools while we listed below the 5 best VPN apps you should download on your iOS devices:

5. Hotspot Shield VPN

AnchorFree’s VPN app has enjoyed a healthy 175 million of downloads and considered as one of the top VPN apps in the App Store.  With this application, you can unblock any website including Facebook, YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix among others.  Protect yourself whenever you use Wi-Fi hotspots on malls and restaurants, safeguard your identity, learn how to hide your IP address and prohibit unsolicited tracking on your phone.  This will prevent hackers from getting your private info.  Also, this app comes with a data compression technology which reduces data usage, ultimately lessening your mobile phone bill.  Further, you can browse the web privately and anonymously with Hotspot Shield VPN.

4. ibVPN

The name stands for Internet browsing VPN.  New users will enjoy free access for 15 days and get unlimited bandwidth.  Even if you are a beginner, it lets you set it up easily.  ibVPN allows you to unblock your preferred websites.  It also keeps you protected from unwanted 3rd-party tracking.  The developer of the app, Amplusnet SRL, is a reliable one.  Why?  Well, they’ve been creating web tools since 2003 with many clients satisfied with their products.  Plus, they use top of the line VPN servers all over the world.  Its free version includes servers in the United Kingdom, United States, The Netherlands and Hong Kong.

3. VyprVPN

This iPad app gives you access to VyprVPN’s global servers with just a simple tap on your iOS device.  When you connect to their servers, the app then encrypts your connection, protects your privacy online and overcomes geographic restrictions.  You can then browse the web safely and check your email securely.  The connection modes can either be Manual or On Demand, depending on your preference.  Likewise, you can choose any server in the US, Europe or Asia.  Golden Frog, the developer, has  a 7-day money-back guarantee as well.

2. Kovurt

Read the name of the app and you will know its function.  Kovurt is your Internet Privacy Fix.  Subscribe online at Kovurt’s official website to update the app quickly and hassle-free.  There’s a little fee to get access to the VPN network which has 128-bit encrypted tunnels.  Keep your information via wireless and mobile private; anonymously and securely go on with your internet activities.  With this iPad app, you don’t have to manually configure your IP address, username or password.  The application does all the work with just a click.

1. VPN Express

Bestsparks’ VPN app gives you free access up to 300MB of VPN data which includes VOIP, Facebook, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and Skype.  The app automatically set ups your device with servers in the US, UK, France and Germany.  Use this application if you want a complete anonymous internet experience whether you’re behind firewalls at work or school.  You need not to configure your IP address, no need to install additional software in your gadget, just run this app and voila – you’re good to go.  Other features include the ability to accelerate online games, lowest rates with 24/7 availability with 99% service’l additional software in your gadget, just run this app and voila r IPa ouTube, Hulu and Ne work with an auto, quiong Kong

Which VPN app are you using?  Did we miss one of your favorites?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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