Top Free iPad Apps of the Week

Philip Garde August 29, 2011 0
Top Free iPad Apps of the Week

You can find below the best free iPad apps of the week. Read our quick reviews on the top apps of last week. Enjoy!


With so many photo editing applications for the iPad, it is hard to choose the best one. Come Pixlr-o-matic, a wonderful photo editor that let’s you edit the effects, lightning and border of a photo on the camera roll or a freshly snapped picture (using the iPad 2) and upload it on Facebook or save in camera roll. With over 25 effects, 30 lightings and 31 borders to play around, you will definitely find the best combination for your picture. You can get this current iPad app of the week for free!

Trucks and Skulls Nitro HD

From the creators of the action packed and fun-filled Facefighter come a game that everyone loves. It became free just last week and now is your chance to grab this excellent game. If you’re looking for action, then this one’s for you. It is highly similar to Angry Birds and that means this one is also enjoyable, only this time you will be using monster trucks (instead of birds) to hit the skulls (pigs). For a game that is patterned to another game, this one still gives the enjoyable factor that could last for a while.

Fragger HD

This game is free for a limited time only; we cannot guarantee you that this will still be free by the time you read this.

Fragger HD is a successful game for the iPhone and it was ported to the iPad. It has a simple concept, you need to throw your grenades with the objective that it should blast your enemies before you run out of grenades. The less grenade/s you consume the higher the score you will get and is equivalent to medals – 3 medals, high score. You have the ability to adjust the throwing power and angle, this game is fun, entertaining and challenging!

Tiny Tower

This game is being continously updated to bring various improvements to the gameplay. For starters, TinyTower is a time management game that is very addictive. Expanding your tower is the main goal of this game. My building is now on 56th floor and still growing, i was hooked the first time I tried this. Forget about the graphics, this game still delivers and is arguably one of the best iPad games I have played.

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