Heidi Story Collection iPad App Review

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Heidi Story Collection iPad App Review
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Heidi Story Collection released by JustKidsApps is originally an iPad storybook that has all the three parts of the classic Heidi story and is often considered correctly to be a timeless tale. It is available for $8.99.

iPad App Review:

The Heidi was originally written by the well-known author of children’s stories, Johanna Spyri. The story of Heidi was first introduced in the year 1880 and has lived long ever since. Generations after generations have grown up listening to Heidi’s tales. Although the original story was released around hundred and thirty years ago, but the magic of the story has ensured its long life more because, children and their parents have preferred it over other stories. Well, as time has changed, an adaptation to the modern world has been made to it by releasing it as an adaptation to the new iPad.

For someone grown up in Europe, he is sure to have listened to this collection of Heidi that goes something like, the protagonist of the story is a little charming girl and her beauty charms all those around her. The updated versions of the beautiful app that is based on a storybook, give stunning illustrations of the interesting story of a charming girl, Heidi. The app has been tried to keep close to the story as much as it could be done by its developers.

On having the application downloaded on your iPad, you have access to two versions of the story, Heidi. The first story has been written down from how Heidi saw the story’s facts, from her viewpoint. There is an option of highlighting the text of the story on being read. It is enhances the reading skills of the young ones. Relatively longer is the second version of the story and there is an option of narrating it which has been found to help older readers who are not really comfortable with reading it.

The stories have been made available in numerous languages such as German, English and Swiss-German. When tapped, the characters of the story speak in the voice of Professional voice acting people that has been made available for all of the speaking parts.

Besides all these facilities which make the story reading a lot interesting on the whole, there are other interactive elements present on every page which enables you in hearing the way goats, marmots and birds of the prey sound.  The toddlers can learn from these sounds.

Other extras added to the app include numerous quizzes that help teachers and parents in checking the comprehensive ability of their students and children, respectively. The readers could be asked question about the place where Heidi lives or something about the Swiss flowers, food and fauna that could sum up the rest of the things.

A little twist of fun facts and jokes has also been included into the story app which finally makes reading it, all the more interactive as well as enjoyable. You somehow do not expect to get this all from a normal book. The questions and quizzes are updated as newer versions come along, so the questions and fun facts do not remain the same forever. With updates, the interactivity with the story too gets a whole lot better.

Even after featuring so many positive benefits, the app lacks in an important characteristic. It does not have the option of tracking which can be difficult for parents, teachers and children to track back to where they left and in turn, waste a lot of time on searching the same.

There are many people who have not heard about the app and would somehow not want to download the app even if it is freely available. It is a Swiss story which has had a good circulation in Europe but in places like North America and Asia, you could leave that to a matter of chance.

Rating: 4/5


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iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/heidi-story-collection-3-in-1/id554504867?l=en&mt=8

Price: $8.99

Seller: JustKidsApps – Katrin Draemann Barothy © 2012 JustKidsApps

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