Punda the Little Zebra iPad App Review

Paula Garde October 3, 2011 0
Punda the Little Zebra iPad App Review
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What do you know about zebras?  Perhaps you only know a number or two about them. Did you know that just like a human’s fingerprints, each zebra has unique stripes patterns? Punda would help you learn more about their way of living, the food they eat, their stripes and even their enemies.

Punda the Little Zebra is a comprehensive iPad app designed to teach young children everything about zebras. It contains a lot of features that would certainly tickle the interest of the kids. As they explore this app, children would learn amazing facts about these social creatures. Here is our complete review:

A memory game provides fun and entertainment. It is where the kids match different pictures of people, lions and of course, zebras. The graphics in this game are not as appealing and colorful as those in other features. Better graphics could have made this game more interesting for kids to play.

The coloring book included in this app contains four zebras for children to choose from. There are also 144 different shades and colors to use in the color palette. That’s definitely a lot of colors! However, it is quite difficult to perfectly shade the lines and shapes since it doesn’t accurately match your strokes.

Another feature of this app is its story book. It tells the tale of the main character Punda from the day she was born until she finally becomes an adult. This app also provides a number of interesting facts about zebras that children would find interesting. Find out more about them through this complete zebra application.

Punda the Little Zebra is available on iTunes for $1.99.


Interesting facts about zebras; memory game; Punda’s story; coloring book with 144 colors to choose from;


Quite difficult to color the zebras as the strokes don’t match on the screen; graphics in the memory game are not too appealing


Punda the Little Zebra is a fun and complete iPad app about zebras. It contains interesting facts and information that people don’t normally know. This app is very informative and children would certainly learn more stuff about these wonderful creatures.

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