The Dragons iPad App Review

Paula Garde September 25, 2011 1
The Dragons iPad App Review
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Dragons are popular mythical creatures all over the world. They have been widely used as a theme for fictional stories in books and movies. But do you know that there’s actually a real dragon that is existing on earth? It is the komodo dragon. Find out more interesting information about the different dragons through this iPad app. Here is our complete review:

The Dragons is an interactive application filled with dragon games, activities, stories and facts. Children would have a great time exploring the mythical world of dragons. They would learn about a variety of dragon myths and legends in different countries as this app features several famous dragons.

Kids could play the memory game which requires them to match the dragons. They could challenge themselves by beating their previous record. It would improve their memory skills while having fun playing this game. Or if they are into reading or just starting to read, they could practice and develop their skills in this app. The Dragons includes a story about Chinese beliefs entitled Dragonlore.

The other feature that kids would certainly find enjoyable is the coloring book. In this section, children could color some dragons and choose from 144 colors in the color palette. There are also various brush sizes to select from and an eraser to correct your mistakes or changes. However, it somehow has a problem with the strokes. It doesn’t precisely match the strokes you make with your fingers making it quite an inconvenience.

The Dragons is available on iTunes for $1.99


Ideal app for kids; interesting information about dragons; memory game; coloring book; dragon story; numerous colors to choose from; improve memory and reading skills


Does not accurately match the strokes when coloring


The Dragons is an ideal iPad app for kids. With this app, children could improve their memory skills by playing the memory game as well as develop their reading skills by reading the dragon stories and facts.


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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.


Template Magician Inc.


$1.99 [iTunes Link]


Promo code was given. We were not compensated in any means.

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  1. Shin October 5, 2011 at 11:54 am - Reply

    Wow. The main picture (the one with the red dragon) is a bad traceover of one Dragonlance novel cover. BOOM.

    Real original, app designers.

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