WorldCard HD – Intelligent Business Card Manager iPad App Review

Patrick Garde June 24, 2012 0
WorldCard HD – Intelligent Business Card Manager iPad App Review
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Remember when you exchange physical business cards, which you are probably still doing now, with your contacts. If you are doing this for a while now, you will probably have a hard time managing or remembering all the names and information.

Thankfully, this iPad app, WorldCard HD, manages your contacts extremely well in a very efficient way.

You can create contacts in-app or from your albums, iTunes File sharing, camera or iPad address book. It features the basic info you would find in any contact list.

WorldCard HD features an advanced version of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which utilizes its power by importing information from pictures of business cards. It takes advantage of the 5 megapixel built-in camera for the 3rd generation iPad to scan cards for information. As soon as the info is recognized, it will categorize and label it accurately. The iPad app copies info precisely, however, sometimes the field information is incorrect.

This app also has the ability to batch process numerous cards saving you a lot of time. Take a photo of several business cards and let WorldCard HD convert them with ease.

WorldCard HD is integrated with Google Maps providing you with quick and easy directions to your contact. Just tap on a contact and it will show you where your contact’s address is on Google Maps and you can look for other contacts in the area as well.

It also features built-in Social Networking. You can get connected with your acquaintances with just a single push of the button. The app will use names and e-mails to search on your different social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

It also supports iCloud and DropBox. The integration allows you to import or export info to the cloud for data exchange or for backups.

Notably, this iPad app recognizes 11 different languages; however, you cannot set a default. Also, the scanned data overlooks the space between area codes and telephone number which needs you to edit by hand after the scanning process.


  • Recognizes text precisely
  • Backups using cloud


  • Price
  • Field information sometimes is inaccurate


If you are looking to replace your address book with the help of an iPad app, then WorldCard HD is right for you. It has the tools to be considered as one of the better contact management application. The app still has room for improvement, however, it is worthy of a look especially for business professionals – if you do not mind paying for a high price ($14.99).


Worldcard HD iPad App Screenshot 1 Worldcard HD iPad App Screenshot 2Worldcard HD iPad App Screenshot 3Worldcard HD iPad App Screenshot 4


Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.


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$14.99 [iTunes Link]

Disclaimer: We were given a promo code for review. We were not compensated in any means.

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