Elevated Math iPad App Review

Paula Garde August 29, 2011 1
Elevated Math iPad App Review
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Most students would argue about the use of math in their daily lives. Sure, they use basic addition, subtraction, multiplication or division every time they make a purchase but what about the difficult mathematical equations they study in school?

Elevated Math is an educational iPad app that would help the students understand a variety of math topics more easily. This app comes with two complimentary lessons about geometry as well as converting decimals into fractions and percent. It also includes one free career video to prove that math is indeed important in most professions. Here’s our complete review:

There are built-in lessons that you can purchase individually or as a package. The main topics included in this app are whole and decimal numbers, measurements, geometry, algebra, data analysis and even probability. Students can also review and prepare for the math portion of college tests such as ACT and SAT. A number of lessons are discussed comprehensively in each topic. There are also various documentaries featuring different professionals discussing how important math is in their field of work.

With Elevated Math, students would learn about numbers and operations in a more interesting way. There’s a cartoon introduction to capture the interest of students. Each lesson is then explained thoroughly with several examples to practice on a whiteboard provided. The lesson usually ends with a conclusion of what they have learned. What’s more is that there is no pressure for students as they can learn each topic at their own pace. They could pause and replay the parts of the lecture that need to be carefully grasped.

Elevated Math is available on iTunes at no cost but the free version only contains two arithmetic lessons and one career video. Other built-in math topics, lessons and videos can be availed individually for 2 dollars each or as a bundle at varied prices.


Educational app; complimentary lessons; built-in lessons that can be purchased for a low price; career videos; animated introduction;


Limited free stuff;


Elevated Math is an educational app that caters mostly to students who need to work on their mathematical skills. This app has a number of comprehensive lessons about different math topics that students would find beneficial.


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Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.


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  1. Lewis Hall October 17, 2011 at 9:36 pm - Reply

    Thanks, Paula, for your thoughtful review. We have just released eleven more apps where lessons are contained in the app itself, eliminating in-app purchasing and allowing schools to take advantage of the Volume Discount Purchase Plan.

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