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Paula Garde June 25, 2011 0
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Evernote Peek is a free app designed for learning. However, it is only compatible for iPad 2 with an Apple smart cover. Here is our review:

This wonderful app helps you prepare for exams, improve your brain power, learn foreign languages easily or play trivia games with your friends. It is evidently very useful and ideal for students of all levels.

First, sign in to your Evernote account on their website or create one for free if you still don’t have it. You can choose from the study notebooks created by Evernote and StudyBlue. It works by simply closing the Apple smart cover. Then, slowly lift the first flap to read the question. Reveal the answer by lifting the second flap of the cover. You can tick the incorrect box when you get it wrong. You just need to close and open the cover repeatedly to reveal the succeeding questions and answers. Opening the entire smart cover displays your score. If you want to repeat the test, you can always re-take it or go back to the main menu to choose a different set.

Evernote Peek also allows you to create your own test notebooks. Making your own test is quite simple. You only need to connect Peek to your Evernote account and start creating your own quizzes. The note titles will appear as your questions while the note bodies as your answers. Although I find the number of characters for the questions limited, this app is still an excellent study material.

For ultimate Evernote Peek experience, it is advisable to first turn-off your iPad’s auto-lock mode and adjust the brightness of your device. Since Evernote Peek is free of charge, it’s certainly an essential app for iPad 2 users.

Pros – free app; very useful; an excellent study material; creates your own test notebooks

Cons – limited characters for questions; works only for iPad 2 with Apple Smart Cover


Evernote Peek is a free app that is extremely useful for students. It is an essential tool used for different educational purposes. It’s something that every iPad 2 user should have on their device.


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Compatiblity: Compatible with iPad 2 with Smart Cover. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Seller: Evernote

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Price: Free [iTunes Link]

Copy: Free

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