iPen iPad App Review

Paula Garde August 28, 2011 1
iPen iPad App Review
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iPen is another useful note-taking iPad app as it lets you compile your notes together. There is basically no need to bring different notebooks in school since this app allows you to jot down all your lessons in class minus all the hassle. Here’s our complete review:

With its plain background, iPen is extremely simple and easy to navigate. It only lets you do what you need to do – write down your notes. You can easily create a subject, add your notes and start typing. The menu bar is on top of the screen. It includes the option to type using a keyboard or scribble your notes with a pen.

I prefer to use the keyboard function as it is faster and more convenient especially for long lectures. However, there aren’t any other features to use. You can’t resize the font, or change the font color and its style.

The other writing function (pen) is ideal for underlining important information in your notes. Or perhaps, you can simply doodle using the pen. There are three different colors and sizes to choose from. Undo and redo buttons can be applied in this function to modify your actions. The white color can also be used to erase your mistakes. Children can also use this function to draw or to practice on their penmanship.

This app saves your notes automatically so there isn’t a need to save each note. You won’t have to worry about it. As for deleting your notes, you can delete it one at a time by sliding your finger on a note to reveal the delete button.

iPen is available on iTunes for $1.99.


Simple and easy to navigate; separates different subjects; compiles your notes; undo and redo buttons; autosave feature;


Limited feature; lacks useful functions; can’t send your notes to your email;


iPen is a useful note-taking iPad app that compiles your important notes together for easy reference. It allows you to use the keyboard or write with a pen. Though there aren’t a lot of functions in this app, it still serves its purpose – write your notes.


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Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later


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$1.99 [iTunes Link]


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