Odd 1 Out iPad App Review

Paula Garde July 16, 2011 0
Odd 1 Out iPad App Review
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Odd 1 Out is a fun and educational iPad app for kids. It allows children to learn about the different fruits, shapes and colors in an extremely fun and exciting way. Here is our complete review:

Kids can choose between Practice and Challenge modes. They could play at their own pace in the Practice mode as there is no time to beat. The Challenge mode is tougher since there is a 60-second time limit in each level.

The gameplay is easy to understand as there are clear visual and audio explanations before a game begins. Kids need to correctly identify and tap the object that is being asked. For every correct answer, a star is achieved. When they choose a wrong object, a star is lost. Five stars are needed to advance to the next level. The succeeding levels become more confusing and difficult since there are more objects that children need to spot.

The graphics are vibrant and extremely appealing to kids. It is adorable to see bees carrying different fruits, ants with a variety of shapes and several colorful beetles. The dynamic sounds also help capture the children’s interest. This game would keep them occupied for a long time.

However, there are only a total of 15 levels. I hope there would be more levels for kids to enjoy. Also, an option to choose the difficulty level would have been a great feature as well.

Odd 1 Out doesn’t only teach kids about the different fruits, shapes and colors but this app also improves their critical thinking and decision-making skills. This game certainly helps children to learn more.

It is available on iTunes for 99 cents.


Vibrant graphics; dynamic sounds; fun and educational gameplay; improves children’s critical thinking and decision-making skills


Limited to only 15 levels;


Odd 1 Out iPad app is an exciting game and an educational tool in one. Since the children have to spot the correct objects within a specified time limit, it gives them a chance to enjoy a game and develop their decision-making and critical thinking skills at the same time.


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Odd 1 Out iPad App Screenshot 2Odd 1 Out iPad App Screenshot 3Odd 1 Out iPad App Screenshot 4Compatibility

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.



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