Pre-K Letters and Numbers iPad App Review

Paula Garde July 21, 2011 0
Pre-K Letters and Numbers iPad App Review
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Pre-K Letters and Numbers is an interactive and educational iPad app that is specifically designed for kindergarteners. This app aims to teach children to read and write the English alphabet, numbers and it even introduces some phonics. Here is our complete review:

With several adorable characters to help them along the way, children would have a fun and exciting time tracing the capital and small letters as well as numbers from 0 to 9. It is easy to follow the correct way of writing as there are numbered dots to connect. It is somehow similar to the game, Connect the Dots, but this time, the dots are huge and instead of forming a picture, each forms a different letter of the alphabet or a number.

Parents could input their children’s names in the students’ list. Each kid would have their individual accounts. Parents could also track their children’s progress through the online Report Card.

The graphics are colorful and very attractive. However, black is the only available ink color for tracing. This app would have been way better if it includes a variety of ink colors. In this way, children would not only get to choose their favorite, but they would also be introduced to the different colors.

The sounds also greatly help in a child’s learning. With its dynamic sounds, this app makes learning more interesting for kids. When they correctly traced the letter, a sound of applause would be heard. But once they accidentally made a mistake, kids would hear “uh-oh” and they have to repeat the task.

Pre-K Letters and Numbers lets kids learn the alphabet and build their vocabulary. However, I find some words that represent the letters too difficult. Words such as Xigua, Nectarine, Wildebeest, Quince, and Huckleberry are, in my opinion, just too hard for kindergarteners. Easy and common words would have been more suitable for kids this age.

Nevertheless, Pre-K Letters and Numbers is still a wonderful and effective learning material for kids. It is available on iTunes for free so you surely have a great deal.


Educational app; colorful graphics; dynamic sounds; easy tracing technique; online report card feature;


Portrait only; black ink only; difficult words;


Pre-K Letters and Numbers is a free educational app that parents could use to their children. It introduces the alphabet, numbers and even phonics to young kindergarteners. Kids would have fun learning to read and write.


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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later


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