Toontastic iPad App Review

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Toontastic iPad App Review
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Creating a story book requires an extensive and collaborated work of professionals. But who would have thought that anyone could produce an animated children’s book in just a flash?

Toontastic iPad app is truly a fantastic story-making cartoon app for kids. With its incredible graphics and dynamic audio instructions, making an animated story book is just a piece of cake. Here is our complete review:

We all know that kids love to make, tell and listen to stories. Toontastic helps them to do all these things for the world to see. You’ve got everything you need in putting together a story book with this app. Kids could actually create their own stories but it would always be better to do it with the help of their parents or teachers.

Toontastic starts off with the Story Arc wherein the voiceover explains the different parts of a story namely: Setting, Conflict, Challenge, Climax and Resolution. You can add another extra scene but this app only allows a maximum of 6 scenes.

It does not limit the child’s imagination to the available settings and characters included in this app. You can actually draw and create your own settings and unique characters. Or perhaps, you may just want to change the color of the available ones to make them even more special.

After choosing the place where the story would take place and the characters involved, it’s time to animate! Tell the story clearly while moving the characters on the screen. Toontastic will save and record your voice and movements. Each scene has a limit of 60 seconds for your narration. But it doesn’t end there. What’s a story without music, right? With this app, you can also input background music appropriate for each scene. Though this app doesn’t offer sound effects, the music can still add more life and excitement to your story.

When you’re done with all the scenes, write down your title and the names of the directors. Select a theme for your story, too, whether it is Adventure, Family, Love Story and so on. Then, you’re ready to watch your video. Or let other people see your work through ToonTube, an online channel where you can upload and view your stories and other children’s animations from around the world.

However, young kids will need a parental approval first before they can upload and share their stories online. They can also share with their friends and family through email, Twitter and Facebook.

Toontastic develops children’s imagination and enhances creativity and sequencing skills. It is indeed an interesting educational app for kids.

Toontastic is available on iTunes for $1.99.


Educational and entertaining app; animated graphics; text and audio instructions; step-by-step procedure for each scene; awesome settings, characters and music; can personalize the settings and characters; ToonTube; parental approval for posting and viewing videos;


No pause button; limited to 6 scenes for each story; no sound effects available


Toontastic is an educational and entertaining iPad app for kids. This app helps children learn to properly create stories in a fun and animated way. They can also share their own animations around the globe as well as learn different cultures by viewing other children’s stories.


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Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.


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