Roadshow iPad App Review

Paula Garde July 10, 2011 0
Roadshow iPad App Review
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Roadshow iPad app allows you to collect your favorite videos and watch them anytime and anywhere you please. Once you have saved the web videos, you can play them over and over again even without an internet connection. Here is our complete review:

The Roadshow interface is tremendously plain. It doesn’t have a lot of interesting designs and attractive graphics. But since this app has a significantly useful function, it is justifiable for the designs and graphics to take a back seat.

Saving videos is extremely easy when using this app. All you need to do is to go to a website in the app’s built-in browser. There are a few recommend websites for you to get started. Then, click the video you want to save. The video is then instantly added to the “video shelf” on top of the screen. Tap the thumbnail and your video is already stored in your collection. It’s as simple as that.

However, you will need to look into different websites as this app doesn’t support saving YouTube videos (you can watch YouTube videos though). It would have been great if there were no restrictions and you can save your favorite videos from YouTube as well.

Additionally, I noticed that this app is definitely lacking a security feature. It should have been added so that others who are also using the same iPad won’t be able to intrude into your video collection without your knowledge. Multiple accounts would also be a great element to add so each member of the family or even your friends can collect and playback their own favorite videos.

Although there are more things and features that Roadshow could improve on, this app is still amazing and very functional nonetheless especially when you are on a road trip as it does not require an internet connection to view your video collection.

Roadshow is available on iTunes for free but with ads and a limit of only 15 videos. If you want to save an infinite number of videos minus the ads, you can purchase Roadshow Unlimited (in-app update) for $4.99. Not bad for an unlimited video collection.

Pros – easy to save and collect videos; play videos anytime; no need for an internet collection to playback videos; no ads and video limit when you purchase Roadshow Unlimited

Cons – does not support saving YouTube videos; more features to add; plain interface


Roadshow iPad app saves and collects your favorite web videos and lets you watch them anytime, anywhere. Although there are more improvements to make, it is still an amazing app worth keeping.


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Compatibility: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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