TiVo iPad App Review

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TiVo iPad App Review
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For TV programming fanatics, having TiVo or DVR is a great way to never miss a beloved episode. But when the box at home just isn’t enough, the TiVo app is here to help. 

The TiVo app acts as a companion to the TiVo or DVR capabilities you already own at home. This free app offers five easy to understand sections—info, guide, my shows, browse and manage—that maximize TiVo’s capabilities and make for advanced TV viewing without interrupting your current program.

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The Tivo App has browsing capabilities that allow you to view upcoming show times or just look at when a list of favorites will be on, all by using bold graphics that make the app aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Click on the show you’d like to view and read a short summary about the current episode. There, you can tap “Watch Now” to view current shows or set the show to record later, even if you’re away from home.

If you’re looking for something new, this app will scan through options offered on Netflix and Amazon to see what is available for viewing outside of your TV channels. The app can also divide movies from TV shows to make for more detailed searching. Manage the shows in your TiVo to keep it from filling up or set series recordings called a “Season Pass” for your favorite shows so you never miss an episode through the TiVo app.

Social networking gurus will enjoy the app’s sharing capabilities for Twitter and Facebook, where you can post what you’re watching now, shows for others to check out, or ask for recommendations about a show.

Probably the most interesting feature is the app’s capability to turn your iPad into a remote control. Pause, fast forward or rewind all from your iPad and never have to look for a lost remote again.

For the curious TV viewer, TiVo carries a database that has info on TV shows, movies and actors. Tap the actor you’re fond of and the TiVo app will bring up their resume so you can easily follow your favorite stars through each of their performances.

The app seems fairly easy to install. Just download the app onto your iPad; it should search to find the nearest TiVo hook-ups, then enter your key code and cross into a world of TiVo paradise. Some users have complained about difficulties connecting their box to the app, but the latest update seems to have worked out most of those bugs.

Because the app is free, it could be fun to play with if you’re a frequent TiVo or DVR user or are often on-the-go and need control of your TiVo from various locations. However, for those who are satisfied with their current experience, there’s no need to complicate your TV viewing if you aren’t going to use most of the functions. TV Guide works fine for channel surfing and setting series recordings from home will suffice for the average TV viewer.

Click here to learn more or download the TiVo app.

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