3 Coins iPad App Review

Paula Garde September 25, 2011 0
3 Coins iPad App Review
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Play the Penny Hockey game anytime you want with 3 Coins iPad game. It is very convenient as there is no longer a need for a table or even the pennies. This iPad app lets you enjoy playing this game by yourself or against someone else anywhere you wish. Here is our complete review:

3 Coins is an interesting game that would require you to plan your strategies carefully in order to make a goal. This is done by using a slingshot motion to make the coin go in between the two other coins and past the hand that protects the goal. The coins are easy to control and they move precisely with the amount of force you exert. It is important not to let the coins collide against each other or to accidentally be out of bounds. These mistakes would cause you to lose your turn.

This game has two modes to choose from: 1×1 or Skill Shoot. In 1×1, two players would compete using one iPad and whoever gets the most number of goals within a time limit wins the game. In Skills Shoot, it is only you against the skillful computer hand. This mode requires you to have more skills in order to make a goal.

Players also have the option to select from 4 different coin currencies – euro, dollar, pound and lira. To make this game even more exciting, the backgrounds are also interchangeable. You can play in the park, classroom and the bar.

What’s more is that multiplayer mode is available. You can choose to compete against anyone in the game center by sending them requests. Then, you can share your scores in Facebook as well. An Internet connection is needed for these features though.

3 Coins is available on iTunes for a discounted price of $2.99. This promo is for a limited time only.


Fun and addicting game; easy and precise control; needs careful strategies; 4 currencies and 3 backgrounds to choose from; compete against your anyone in the game center;


Takes quite a while to connect and start a multiplayer mode


3 Coins is an interesting game that allows you to play hockey with the use of your fingers. Once you have played this iPad app, you surely couldn’t get enough. The gameplay is fun and the controls are precise and easy.


3 Coins iPad App Screenshot3 Coins iPad App Screenshot 33 Coins iPad App Screenshot 23 Coins iPad App Screenshot 4


Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.


Mind The Ad Limited


$2.99 [iTunes Link]


Promo code was given. We were not compensated in any means.

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