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Paula Garde June 20, 2011 1
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Here is our review of Angry Birds Rio HD for iPad: Your favorite birds are back! But this time, with a whole new twist!

The original Angry Birds are smuggled to Rio de Janeiro but luckily, they managed to escape from their captors.  Now, they have to rescue their other friends – Blu and Jewel, the stars of the famous animated movie, Rio.

Basically, the game procedure hasn’t really changed. Players still have to position the popular birds into a slingshot and strategically aim them towards the target. However, instead of striking the pigs just like in the previous series, Angry Birds Rio’s main goal is to release their other feathered friends from the cages.

Each level has its own obstacles that players have to face and get over with. Smuggler’s Den has a dark warehouse as a setting. The caged birds are placed in between towering wooden boxes and steel containers. There are also hidden pineapples that would add up to your score.

Jungle Escape has a more natural environment with trees and mountains in the backdrop. There are still no pigs in this level, but there are amusing monkeys that are harder to kill.   Golden bananas are also more difficult to find.

Beach Volley flaunts a pristine beach setting situated in the Brazilian coast. Monkeys are still the targets in this level. There are also ships and helicopters included in the scene, with some vibrant beach umbrellas and volleyball to add in the enjoyment of this level.

Carnival Upheaval is the latest level that was released. Each game is set in a variety of colorful carnival floats. The first part of this level has 15 exciting games with lots of confetti pouring down in the screen. The second part of this level is yet to be available.

Other than the things I previously mentioned, what sets Angry Birds Rio apart from the other Angry Birds series is that all the levels are not given to you at once. The two remaining level updates will be released in October and November. Players would surely have something to look forward to throughout the year.  All in all, Angry Birds Rio certainly didn’t disappoint the millions of people who come to love and enjoy the Angry Birds series!

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Universal App: No

Works with: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Price: $0.99 (iPhone); $2.99 (iPad)

Copy: Purchased via iTunes Gift Card

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